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2. Michael Hume8 Feb 2015, 3:09pm Report

I've been waiting for the right time to respond to the above review. Now that Beanscene has changed hands and I no longer work there or, for that matter, live in the St Andrews or the UK I feel it right to address "TCC's" comments.

Unlike the previous reviewer I'm not afraid to have my real name published as I don't feel the need to hide behind the anonymity of the internet to express my opinions.

I am the "Mike" that she refers in the review and I would like to correct some glaring errors and downright lies.

The lady in question represents a significant proportion of the customer base of many restaurants and cafes in St Andrews, and Britain in general. Full of opinions and their own highly regarded self worth they blindly go through life with little notion of self-criticism or a wider understanding of those people around them whose only job is to seemingly pick up after them.

The other side of this story is one of a woman whose husband, having ordered the wrong drink, and having their order repeated to them to confirm its' validity were too busy ignoring the peon behind the counter (i.e. me) to realise they had made a mistake.

The basic errors are the following
Don't quote someone's name when you don't know it (He was called Lewis)
Try and act like a human being and simply point the error rather than ranting and raving from the outset - we would have happily replaced the drink if you hadn't acted like such a spoilt child.
I have never, in my life, uttered the expression...... "What, have you never made a mistake, like?" - What I said was that I was sure that your husband had ordered a latte, to which you replied, and I quote,

"My husband never makes mistakes".

If I had known I was in the presence of an omniscient being such as your unerring consort I would have prostrated myself on the ground and begun immediate worship of this deity who had graced me with his attendance and probably paid for your coffee myself!
Unfortunately I'm cynical enough to think that a couple of tykes from lower Methil, or whichever hell hole you dragged yourselves from that morning, probably couldn't claim to be so perfect.

Just remember that not everyone who works in the service industry is a functioning retard. While happy to take any job to pay our way through school we are not quite ready to kow-tow to cheapen ourselves and satisfy the delusional rantings of an embittered, petty, over entitled and, by the look of the way the above review was written, semi-literate harridan.

I do hope you choke on your next latte!.....whoops!!!!.....I thunk I done make another mishtake (I thought I would spell it in way that might make it easier for you to understand, LIKE!

With the greatest of disrespect,


1. TCC9 Oct 2011, 11:57am Report

For a relaxing sunday morning coffee we recommend COSTAS in Market St.....pleasant courteous staff............for an arrogant unpleasant coffee experience we recommend Beanscene...order your cappaccino and have a latte delivered..point out the error to the staff member STEVE and be told you're wrong....even tho you've never drunk a latte.........have it replaced and then be told again by STEVE that it was your mistake as the order of purchase is tossed onto your lap to prove you're a liar........point out that there is is a sad lacking in customer care and have a shrug of STEVE'S shoulders as a reply......ask to see the manager MIKE...............have that request ignored by MIKE......go and speak with MIKE and find the same off-hand arrogance "What, have you never made a mistake, like?".......leave your coffee and leave the can then visit Beanscene on line and read the innumerable stories regarding their Senior Management and then be not the slightest bit surprised that the St Andrews Staff are as they are.

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