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72–74 Newington Road, Edinburgh, EH9 1QN

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10. Xavier Blaze21 Mar 2014, 4:06pm1 star Steamie Report

Steamiemail owners are robbers1 in jail other one on the run theft from safe 20k and over 60k in tax evasion to

9. michelle riddock15 Dec 2013, 8:43pm Report

A group of us visited the Steamie for a meal only because we bought a "deal" through wowcher. Big mistake - This was an absolute awful experience, from service to food, every aspect of our experience was awful. Food was cold when it should be hot and food that should have been cold was warm. We spent two hours waiting for our meal, only to leave before they could frighten us with the dessert. Never had such a surreal experience and hopefully never again..My advice, avoid this place at all costs! Worst ever, complete and utter joke, more positively, it could only get better!!

8. gian23 Mar 2012, 10:11am5 stars Steamie Report

i'v been to steamie with a friend many times and i was really satisfied from the service but even more from the food. It's the first pub in edinburgh that has real greek food and very logic prices.all in all a very good expirience.

7. Redhood25 Feb 2012, 4:28pm4 stars Steamie Report

I really like this pub since the renovation! The colour from black is now red and looks very modern now. The staff is friendly and the drinks are the cheapest i've seen in Edinburgh centre.

6. JohnD25 Feb 2012, 4:19pm4 stars Steamie Report

I’ve been going to the steamie quite a lot lately. The atmosphere is nice and the staff very friendly. I usually go there on a friday or a saturday night since it is the only place that is not packed like all the rest of the bars in the center. On saturdays they also have latin music and people are dancing which is fun to watch.
I also tried the fish and chips once and was awesome, much better than any fish and chips i’ve tasted before.
In general it is a nice friendly bar i would definitely recommend.

5. Time Traveller21 Feb 2012, 4:05pm1 star Steamie Report

The Steamie - A restaurant to avoid - there are much better places to eat!

My wife and I purchased one of those online Discount vouchers that are regularly seen promting restaurants etc which seemed to be a good deal and so we booked a table on a Friday night.

When I booked I was told that there was a party of 10 in at 6pm and so could I make the booking later – we had wanted to eat around 7pm. Agreed that 7.30 would be OK. So we duly arrived just before 7.30 and saw a reserved table for 2. Since the pub was busy and there wasn’t anyone around to ask we sat down. Got drinks from the bar and waited.

At about 7.50 someone asked us for our order and we explained that we hadn’t seen any menus and we were enjoying our drinks. Menus were delivered and we studied them. About 15 minutes later the waitress came and took our order.
Time for another drink!

While we were relaxing having our drinks and about 20 minutes after placing our order the waitress came out and apologised that they didn’t have all of the ingredients for the “Meat Platter” which is a platter of cold meats to share as a starter. Out with the menus again and we chose alternatives. My wife chose the Aubergine Delight (aubergine slices stuffed with kefalotiri cheese, mint & garlic topped with fresh tomato & spring onion ) and I chose the meatballs. By this time it was 8.20 and we had been in the restaurant for almost an hour and really only placed our order.

We waited for quite a while looking around to see if anyone else was getting served from the kitchens but no food was being delivered to any of the tables. Other diners were looking around as well to check for movement. Not a good sign. The starters eventually arrived at about 8.50 by which time we were ravenous.

Having waited so long, my wife toyed with sending her Aubergine Delight back to the kitchen as it was fairly inedible but hunger got the better of her. Her starter consisted of two slices of aubergine, cut lengthwise, with this Greek cheese in the centre. Unfortunately, the aubergine was so well fried on one side it was burnt and the cheese had disappeared into the ether. As for any mint & garlic topped with fresh tomato & spring onion they must have evaporated as well because there was no sight of any sauce or garnish.

My meatballs looked much more attractive on their rectangular dish – 4 meatballs with wooden sticks in them. My only complaint was that one was still a bit raw and uncooked in the centre.
Starters eaten and now waiting for the main course.

Goodness knows what the time was now but one of the managers came across and apologised for the disaster in the kitchen which was making everything so slow. We were offered a free drink on the house which we accepted. Pity I was driving and was on the orange juice and soda!

It must have been after 9.15 by now and we were still waiting for our main courses to be served almost 2 hours after we had arrived at the restaurant.

The main courses were served!
My wife had opted for the Spicy Burger (mature cheddar, chili peppers, white onions & tabasco) served with homemade French fries. Well she was in for a shock. The burger was indeed handmade and in a bun. Added to that was almost one whole onion sliced up and filling the bun. She did tell me that the last bite of the burger was spicy as she had bitten into a small piece of jalapeno chilli but the rest contained no spiciness whatsoever. If there was any cheddar cheese it must have been hidden in the burger because it wasn’t evident.

And then we come onto the Homemade French Fries.
My idea of French Fries – "Chips" is that they are fried in oil and are hot and crispy. Not the ones we were served. Imagine some small new potatoes about 2 inches long (at most) cut in half still with their skins still on, sprinkled with herbs and roasted in the oven. That was what we were served as Homemade French Fries. They were not crisp; they were not especially hot; and they were definitely not Chips.

I had ordered Pizzaiola (sauteed rib eye steak topped with tomato sauce & parmesan cheese - served with homemade french fries).
This sounded really nice as I love rib eye steak and the sauce appealed to me. What I had served to me was like a picture of a meal that would have been served on a Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmare show before Gordon got around to sorting out the menu and presentation. I just wish I had taken a picture it because it looked so gruesome.

Imagine the scene – an oval plate with on the left hand side half a shredded Iceberg lettuce criss crossed with balsamic glaze (which I do like except when there is so much of it!) and on the right hand side the rib eye steak. Under the steak were the horrible chips that I mentioned above. The steak had been so overcooked it had died some time previously. Rib eye is a succulent steak but this one had no juices left – it was ruined. But that was not the worst of it. On top of the steak was this tomato sauce with parmesan cheese. This consisted of half a can of chopped tomatoes (I didn’t detect any herbs or seasoning in the sauce) with cheese melted on top. I thought it was mild cheddar although it could have been parmesan. It was difficult to tell.

But now the piece de resistance – the decorative glaze around the plate. The chef had covered the lettuce with balsamic glaze in abundance but he/she had also put two wavy lines of glaze all around the edges of the plate (except where he/she had missed the plate and there was a gap).

We ate what we could and then decided that, since it was after 10pm, that we would settle up and leave. When we were shown out we weren’t asked if we had enjoyed the meal. Just as well or we would have been there for another 15 minutes explaining why it was so bad. During the meal we didn’t have the heart to complain as we just didn’t know how much longer everything would take and when we would eventually be served.

All in all it was a meal to be forgotten. The service was extremely slow and the food left a great deal to be desired. I would definitely not recommend this restaurant to anyone. I know that there are much better places to eat than the Steamie.

4. Jason Cormack24 Aug 2011, 11:39pm5 stars Steamie Report

A friend took me to this pub a couple of months ago and since then i've become a regular. The staff is very friendly polite and always smiling. The food is also really good. You should definitely try one of their burgers or hot dogs and you will be surprised on how good they are. Steamie also has some of the cheapest prices on drinks you will find in Edinburgh.
Overall a very pleasant place to go every day and spend the night with food and drinks.

3. Fiona8419 Aug 2011, 12:58pm1 star Steamie Report

Never have I witnessed such blatant discrimination!!
As a care worker I am horrified by the reception we were given on tues 16th of Aug at lunch time in this place. The reception we got was rude, unfriendly and very unwelcoming. We have eaten out all over Edinburgh and have never received a complaint – never mind being asked to leave! If you believe that all people deserve equal rights I would urge you not to give this place your business.

2. Regular local10 Jun 2010, 11:29pm Report

The above review is not representative of my experience at The Steamie. Ever. The staff are charming, remember your tipple of choice and will be more than welcoming. I'd urge you to give The Steamie a try any time - you'll have a great time. Particularly on a Friday when they have live music. Go on - give them a go!

1. Worst establishment in Edinburgh27 Feb 2010, 2:48pm Report

This pub is the biggest disgrace known to humanity. I used to live round the corner and it used to be exceptional. It must be under new management but the people running it have no clue about manners, customer service, customer satisfaction, food preparation or any other required factor in running a business. I took some friends and family in because we were at that side of town and much to my embarrassment it took nearly an hour and a half to get our food 2 breakfasts and 2 steak rolls. When the food eventually arrived it was overcooked tasted burnt the chips were already salted making you think they were just re-heated and when the manageress asked us to tell her if there was anything wrong with it at all we should let her know it really puts an edge on confidence about eating it. This brings me to the next point, their furniture is of poor standard and I'm sure its the same couch from years ago which ripped my jeans as compensation, they took my details and did not contact me which left me to do the work 2 weeks later in which the manger proclaimed they would not compensate me they would pay for a repair (who repairs designer jeans) but only if I presented them with a quote in case I was being underhanded. What a complete pratt! As a suggestion make sure you never go to this establishment, trust me.

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