Wedgwood the Restaurant

Wedgwood the Restaurant
267 Canongate, Edinburgh, EH8 8BQ
  • Telephone 0131 558 8737
  • Seasonal times Closed for 3 weeks from new year's day.
  • Food served Mon–Sat noon–3pm, 6–10pm; Sun 12.30–3pm, 6–10pm.
  • Average price £12.95 (set lunch); £30 (evening meal)
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This review is taken from the current (2015) edition.

Husband-and-wife team Paul and Lisa Wedgwood set out to create a restaurant that would be their own perfect night out. That personal vision inspires every aspect of Wedgwood, from the friendly, relaxed service (they never turn tables) to the inventive food and carefully sourced wine list. Chef Paul loves to experiment, to play with people’s expectations of a dish. This results in some wonderful culinary sleight of hand, such as savoury bread-and-butter pudding with fennel ice cream; a delicious interplay of taste, texture and temperature. Intriguing flavour combinations pepper the menu: how about some basil pesto with your venison or Caol Ila whisky in your butterscotch sauce? Meanwhile, wine is Lisa’s passion and she’s keen to share her discoveries, helping diners find the right pairings to complement Paul’s dishes. With 25 wines by the glass and reasonable mark-ups, it’s a great place to try something new. Despite its Royal Mile location, the restaurant is not at all touristy: the contemporary interior with its textured wallpaper and cavorting lamp shades is just as suited to a business lunch as a romantic tête-à-tête.

  • High point: Imaginative cooking that does justice to the impeccably sourced ingredients
  • Low point: Sometimes feels like there's one thing too many on the plate
  • Notable dish: Lobster thermidor creme brulee
  • Private dining: Up to 18 covers
  • Provides: Vegetarian options (at least ¼ main courses), Gluten-free options, Children's portions, Children's high chairs, Wheelchair access, Free wi-fi
  • Music on stereo: Jazz/ instrumental to match the tempo of the evening
  • Capacity: 48
  • Largest group: 50
  • Open since: 2007
  • Number of wines sold by the glass: 25
  • House wine: £16 per bottle

Reviews & features

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13. emmar21 Jun 2013, 1:45pm5 stars Wedgwood the Restaurant Report

Located at the quieter end of the Royal Mile, you can almost miss Wedgwood. It doesn’t shout out its presence but let’s you sneak off the bustle into its cosy interior.

The restaurant is on two floors, with the tables arranged close to one another. Going to the toilet past these tables is fun but strangely the closeness of the tables didn’t hinder our experience.

It's a small restaurant which means you may get to know your neighbour better than you hoped but it didn’t bother us (and we usually do like a moan if tables are too close). Service was friendly, menu items were explained to us, drinks topped up when needed and not intrusively. Food was astounding with obvious care to quality of food purchased, cooked and displayed. Best fine dining meal in Edinburgh so far.

£103 for 3 courses for two people and wine, for the standard of food, we were very impressed and certainly will return.

12. Mrs AH28 May 2013, 9:40pm1 star Wedgwood the Restaurant Report

Our experience here beggars belief. We were trying to celebrate our first wedding anniversary here, but were one of two tables on the ground floor that was not part of a wedding. By the time our starters had arrived we felt like gatecrashers at the wedding, having listened to four wedding speeches, we couldn't hear ourselves think. By the time we asked for our coats to leave after a few sips of drink and s few mouthfuls of our starter, the best man was on to his speech. To add insult to injury we were asked to pay for our drinks, we only had a few sips of wine. Terrible experience, what a terrible way to treat your guests, no way should they have squeezed two tables in beside a wedding party. Feeble excuses were offered all more ridiculous than the next. A first wedding anniversary almost ruined, would have preferred a bottle of buckfast and a bag of chips down the park compared to this. Doesn't even deserve the one star.

11. Janice5 Feb 2012, 4:27pm Report

A restaurant which on our visit this weekend, absolutely did not live up to it's reviews. Overall, bland food, mediocre service and zero ambience. Decidely not a special occasion restaurant. It is not ready to compete with some of the truly excellent restaurants in Edinburgh.

10. Lynda5 May 2011, 12:56pm5 stars Wedgwood the Restaurant Report

I visited last Saturday evening with my partner and thought it was one of the best meals I had ever had. Firstly, though, they took us to the basement for our table (I don't know why but just about every time my partner and I go out for a meal we always get seated in the basement). The basement at Wedgwood is okay, a small room, quite brightly lit with a lot of tables. I would have preferred the ambience of upstairs which was darker and cosier.

We were given warm bread and oil to start which was lovely. I then had as a starter Stir fried shredded beef fillet with pear, rocket and spring onion with a Thai sesame and honey dressing. It was delicious. Best starter I've ever had. If I had been on my own I definitely would have drunk the rest of the dressing from the bowl!!! I know I will be fantasing about this dish for a long time to come.

We then got a palate cleansing icy drink made with raspeberry, ginger and lime which we both loved.

My main was Lamb fillet, yoghurt and chermoula crumb with aubergine and sesame cream and shoestring sweet potato. Again this was amazing, I just loved it.

Incidentally my partner had pigeon for starters and then rabbit which he found delicious but he was stuffed after two courses. Said it was quite heavy.

For dessert I just wanted something light so I had Iced orange and poppy seed mousse with lemon curd, lime and black pepper sorbet. This was lovely too, especially the mousse. It was a very small portion but I didn't mind after two courses.

Staff were excellent also, attentive without overdoing it. I will definitely go back again but would ask to sit upstairs next time. Thoroughly recommend it.

9. pennym7 Dec 2010, 11:24pm5 stars Wedgwood the Restaurant Report

We ate here for my birthday a week and half ago and had a wonderful evening. The food was absolutely delicious. We all had three courses, which is unheard of, and sent back completely clean plates each time. Two of us are vegetarian and, unusually, our dishes were imaginative, and as tasty as our carnivorous friend's was reported to be. The wine was equally good. The service was generally friendly and efficient, with my only complaint being the length of time we sometimes had to wait after finishing our wine before our next drinks order was taken / served. We felt completely unhurried, and very relaxed with the policy of no 'table turning'. Overall, a great restaurant, one I would recommend without reservation and one I shall certainly be visiting again and adding to my 'favourites' list.

8. KBH6 Oct 2010, 2:05pm5 stars Wedgwood the Restaurant Report

Absolutly fantastic. Food was out of this world and the service matched! Worth every penny. Thoroughly recommend it.

7. Mrs Foodie7 Mar 2010, 11:56am3 stars Wedgwood the Restaurant Report

We visited Wedgwood for dinner lastnight after reading the review in the List and a recommendation from friends. We thoroughly enjoyed the food, but the service needs more refinement. We would definitely go back and compared to Monteith's where we paid exactly the same (£61 for 2 starters & mains, large glass wine & a oj/lemonade) it was miles ahead.

We had booked for 6pm and arrived at the restaurant at 5.58pm, another couple arrived directly behind us. No other customers or waitering staff about so we stood and waited for someone to appear. The kitchen staff could see us through the gap in the wall, but obviously preferred the 4 of us to stand there like idiots than come and attend to us. About 30 seconds later a waitress appeared through the front door,obviously late and apologising profusely. She ran downstairs to get the reservation book and came back to seat us. Another waitress appeared through the door then too and for the next 5 minutes tweaks to lighting ensued. Were both late or is the policy not to start their shift until the restaurant opens?

The layout is quite tight (if you were on the large size you wouldn't be able to squeeze past seated tables to get to the loo without saying excuse me to seated diners), but a very nice ambience. The room was freezing (goosebump level) and a table of 5 who came in shortly afterwards were heard to say they were cold too. By the main course I had to request the waiter the put the heater on which sat idly by the door, having been forgotten about due to the late arrival of the waitress presumably.

The menu choice is quite expansive with something to suit everyone. We were given bread and olive oil while we chose, personally I prefer a selection of breads and butter, but that's just me. I chose the mullet then lamb, my other half had the pigeon then pheasant. We enjoyed the courses, although I would say I would have liked a bit more mullet for my starter. A refreshing complimentary fruit shot drink was provided after the starter which was a nice touch. We didn't fancy anything off the dessert list, so I chose the coffee and fudge. The fudge was absolutely delicious: 2 homemade squares, one dark chocolate and one white chocolate and pistachio. Very sweet, but so good I would have bought extra to take home and share had they been selling little portions.

We were served by a total of 4 waitering staff, which I think is unnecessary (the last one took our payment she was slightly creepy, maybe more suited to the night tours?!). We left feeling full and like we hadn't been ripped off. Would definitely return, but if the service was the same I wouldn't go back for a third. Would have been 4 stars had the service been up to scratch.

6. EdinburghLady3 Feb 2010, 3:22pm4 stars Wedgwood the Restaurant Report

My partner and I went to Wedgwood on Monday night to celebrate my birthday, after I'd mentioned to him quite some time ago that I'd like to go. It was certainly a meal that will be hard to live up to next year.

I could resist the amuse bouche with champagne and it proved a delightful start to the meal, although the goat's cheese canape would have been improved by being served a little warm, rather than chilly. The halloumi, salmon and black pudding brochette with puttanesca sauce was a little more unusual, but settled my boyfriend's mind on the pork and black pudding starter. I had been set on the pigeon, haggis, neeps and tatties from the moment that I caught sight of it on the menu.

The pigeon was perfectly cooked and succulent, the sauce was rich but not over-powering and the tower of haggis neeps and tatties was very pleasant (although a slightly higher proportion of haggis would have improved it slightly). My partner was slightly disappointed when his starter appeared "rather small", however the comment was retracted by the time he had devoured the lot.

For the main course, I plumped for the fillet of lamb in a couscous and black onion seed crust with sweet potato and cardamom cream sauce and my partner for the fillet of beef with pont neuf potatoes and haggis, brandy, pepper cream sauce (so steak and chips then). My lamb was deliciously succulent and the sauce deeply moreish and my partner's beef was exactly to his liking (although he did comment that he would have liked twice as many chips to mop up the sauce).

Finally on to the pudding course, for which I braved the parsnip creme brulee (despite a life-long loathing of parsnips). I didn't regret my bravery. There was only a very slight hint of the taste of parsnip, only a deep yet subtle sweetness, and the accompanying thyme ice cream was also pleasant (if a little too hard in the middle). My partner is a sucker for a sticky toffee pudding, and considers himself a connoisseur of the "delicacy"; he had only one very slight comment on the layout of the dessert (too tall) but was delighted with the taste and texture.

All in all, the food was delightful, the service attentive but not overbearing and the general atmosphere left us both feeling elated with the evening.

I'd give it 4.5/5 (which this marking system doesn't allow), so 4 will have to do.

5. Finediner21 Oct 2009, 9:51pm5 stars Wedgwood the Restaurant Report

Four of us finally went to Wedgwood last weekend and were so glad that we had. Our experience was of accomplished and imaginative cooking, matched by informed and attentive service. The fish fans were delighted with their bream and mullet. The beef, beetroot and scallop soup was a knockout. The lamb was succulent (although the pork was a bit dry). And the goat's cheese semi-freddo was one of those successes which only a skilled hand can deliver.

At first we worried about being parked under a music speaker, but in fact the music selection, of thoughtful jazz, suited the mood completely. We spent a fair bit, but each item was competitively priced, and so we will be more than happy to go back again.

One slight quibble though - the meal put us in the mood for indulgent lingering, but the limited selection of after dinner drinks didn't keep us as long as we would have liked. And a white port would go wonderfully with some of those puds!

4. Sara ann31 Aug 2009, 2:43pm3 stars Wedgwood the Restaurant Report

Overall slightly disappointed with our evening at Wedgewood, the food varied between excellent and good, but was sadly let down by the service which appeared to be delivered by very inexperienced and unconfident staff. There is a definite line between relaxed service and no service. The menu encourages you to try a glass of champagne and amuse bouche 'while you choose', 25 minutes after we arrived we managed to order this combination, but 20 minutes later we still had no amuse bouche (or bread even!). At that point I complained (and a bottle of wine was duely deducted from our bill for 9 people) but the service only just raised its game to average from then on.

3. Juliet19 Jun 2009, 5:14pm5 stars Wedgwood the Restaurant Report

We went for the lunch offer (two courses for £10) and it was absolutely brilliant. The pork was amazing, we've been raving about it all afternoon!

Lovely, will definitely go back.

2. H Carter26 Jan 2009, 8:58pm Report

We ate a Wedgewood on a recent trip to Edinburgh. We selected the this restaurant after touring the Royal MIle area looking for somewhere to eat. The decor is pleasant, background music not intrusive. The staff were fantastic from the moment we entered the door, even though it was busy and we had not reserved ahead. We found that they hit the perfect balance, being attentive but not intrusive. We were offered water, including tap water, whilst we perused the menu and wine list. This was regularly replenished throughout the meal. The food was excellent and beautifully presented. The chefs use of quality ingredients was highlighted particularly by the meat, my fillet of beef was superb and my wifes Venison was equally good. It was clear that he is demanding when sourcing his ingredients and that he appreciates that quality produce speaks for its self. A complimentary palate cleaning course was cleverely constructed and a nice suprise. Whilst not cheap the quality of the food and the excellent service left us feeling it was money well spent. We will definetley visit again when back in the city.

1. Raj Seeruttun6 Oct 2008, 12:36pm3 stars Wedgwood the Restaurant Report

We visited Wedgwood last night and found it slightly overrated and ultimately disappointing. Whilst the atmosphere, attentiveness of the staff and the location were all first class, certain elements of the meal were ultimately sub-standard which has resulted in us not rushing back anytime soon.

My partner and I ordered the goats cheese salad and scallops to begin with which were both delicious, although nearly £7 for two morsels of goats cheese is a bit much however still very tasty. The main courses unfortunately are where the disappointments set in. I had the roast breast of guinea fowl and my partner ordered the crisp sea bream. The menu described the sea bream accompaniments as “roasted garlic potato cake, stir fried peas, tomato and mussel dressing”, the reality was very different. Although the fish was light and crispy; the tomato and mussel dressing was literally canned chopped tomatoes and the mussels were from a jar which I wouldn’t be surprised if they were ‘locally sourced’ from the nearby chippy. This combination of tasteless tomatoes and overpowering mussels in addition to the potato cake, which was rubbery and bland, really overrode any praise that had been earned for the perfectly cooked sea bream. My guinea fowl was a bit too well done and came with pickled onions which continued the chip shop theme.

This was raised with the waitress during the customary check up which was then brought to Paul (Wedgwood) attention, the solution was to apologise and offer us complimentary desserts. I don’t normally have desserts but on this occasion they shouldn’t have bothered. Clare had the cheese selection and I the sticky toffee pudding to which I have to disagree with the List’s comment above, the pudding was dry and tough and there was no hint of the Caol Isla at all. The cheese selection was passable but nothing to write home about. The waitress then checked up again and offered to exchange our desserts but I said that it wouldn’t make a difference; our rating of Wedgwood had already been established

If the price of Wedgwood’s food was more reasonable then I wouldn’t have been as dissatisfied, but when you’re aiming for the higher end of the market your expectations are set at a much higher peg and you have to deliver. We dropped over £80 in Paul’s pocket last night (which would have been over £90 inc desserts) so I am very disappointed at the quality of our dining experience.

Wedgwood is located in the same premises as the much loved Reform. In my time I visited The Reform many times and always had a first class dining experience, Wedgwood however has unfortunately left a bad taste in my mouth which does not allow me to advocate it to others.

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