1008 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G3 8LX
  • Telephone 0141 564 7988
  • Bar open Mon–Sun noon–midnight.
  • Food served Mon–Thu noon–10pm; Fri–Sun noon–9pm.
  • Average price £9 (lunch); £15 (evening meal)
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  • Website www.lebowskis.co.uk

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This review is taken from the current (2015) edition.

If you look hard enough, chances are it’s possible that a whole A-Z of ephemera from the film that Lebowskis has taken its title and inspiration from can be found inside the premises – but in the interest of brevity, T is for ten pin bowls integrated into a table and W is for a whole load of White Russians (26, to be precise). Food comes by way of soup, sandwiches, salads and killer burgers that have been in no way diminished by the rash of new openings in the city lately. Portions aren’t for the faint-hearted, and neither is the sprawling collection of toppings ready to pimp your patty – mozzarella coats a free-range Fife chicken fillet like a melted cheese spider web. Lebowskis wine list is laid out cleanly and pleasingly, and Scottish beers also feature in its repertoire, but it’s got to be a milk-based bevvy. It’s what the Dude would have wanted.

  • High point: Good-quality comestibles prove this place is niche without being gimmicky
  • Low point: You’ll struggle for a seat towards the end of the week
  • Notable dish: The Macbowski fillet burger
  • Private dining: n/a
  • Provides: Vegetarian options (at least ¼ main courses), Children's portions, Children's high chairs, Wheelchair access, Outdoor tables, Free wi-fi
  • Music on stereo: Northern Soul
  • Live entertainment: Something every night except Tuesday. Open mic nights, DJs every Fri and Sat, puz quiz etc
  • Capacity: 70
  • Largest group: 70
  • Open since: 2007
  • Number of wines sold by the glass: 19
  • House wine: £13.95 per bottle

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19. Bigmom03 Jul 2011, 5:58pm1 star Lebowskis Report

What a disappointing experience. This place needs to understand what it wants to be. Is it a pub or a restaurant. I have eaten all over the world, including 3rd world countries and this is one of the worst experiences I have ever had.

The decor is dark and not welcoming. It is more like "an old man's pub" that a family welcoming trendy location. Having a dining table next to the gents and disabled toilets is not a clever idea. Failing to clean up properly so you are sitting in an area with food spillage from the previous diners is not nice.

The food - oh dear. Macoroni and cheese. Straight out of a pack. Go to local supermarket and make it yourself. Lebowksis Chicken. Sounds lovely in the menu. Unfortunetly it had not flavour. Clearly the chef does not taste own food. I could have made better at home myself.

The biggest disappointment is that I left a great pub, O'Neills to walk down to this for a meal on a recommendation. I should have stayed where I was.

On the positive and it was the only positive was the garlic bread. It was nice.

Save yourself a trip, if you like good food, go elsewhere. If you want a dingy pub that sells ok food go here. I for one won't be back.

18. Lebowskis26 May 2011, 10:00am5 stars Lebowskis Report

As owners of Lebowskis, we constantly strive to exceed customer expectations and improve our business so that everyone that comes into Lebowskis can enjoy "the dude lifestyle". We have, for instance, ensured that food waiting times have been reduced by increasing the size of our kitchen. However, some comments are almost impossible for us to rectify. We could never, for instance, open a "spit and sawdust joint" partly due to the fact that some of it may get into our award winning food! (Hitlisted 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011 and The List Magazine Readers Award 2010). We also have a problem with micuration upon our rugs!
Our experience has shown that interest in The Big Lebowski is actually on the increase - the recent Dudeism campaign and Lebowskifest events are testament to that. Obviously, comments about interior design and musical taste are completely subjective, but we will go to the ends of the earth to defend against critcism of our customers who come from all age ranges and occupations.

17. scotsgal10 Apr 2011, 10:46pm Report

is this the naffest concept for a bar ever?

sure, if it'd opened a couple of years after the film was out, and it was a proper spit and sawdust joint with a bowling alley and a rug that really tied the room together, maybe they'd have got away with it... but jumping on the sad-act bandwagon years after everyone but fat IT geeks have lost interest, and basically opening an early 90s style bar - wrought iron! blonde wood! - full of b-list ageing losers...

the food's alright but the complete lack of atmosphere, half-assed decor and cheesy music won't have rushing back in a hurry.

16. Daz18 Mar 2011, 10:55pm5 stars Lebowskis Report

Back again for my birthday - I couldnt thank the staff enough, what a night. Im digging the new menu and the 'fish fight' support is great to hear. The food just gets better and the specials are amazing. I can truely say this is one of the best bars around!!

15. Daz19 Sep 2010, 8:53pm5 stars Lebowskis Report

Just new to area and this is by far and away the best pub - rum choice is amazing and they do real ales. I didnt eat but food looked absolutely fantastic and the place has a real buzz but still feels like a local which i love.

14. Jimmie2 Sep 2010, 12:02am2 stars Lebowskis Report

Used to pop in quite a lot after work, but recently noticed it seems to be attracting a more 'annoying' crowd! Don't know if word is spreading from city centre, but there sure was a lot of pretentious folk in over last week. Shame cos it used to be quite chilled. Get rid of the idiots and I'll be back!
Ivy and Brass Monkey both great bars too and I'd rather drink in either of them now.

13. Mike McInally1 Apr 2010, 11:40am5 stars Lebowskis Report

i stay on the south side but i want it to be my local - 5th visit and worth every penny getting there and for what i got. cant beleive the negative vibes at all - something slightly strange there. food was great - i even saw the chef guy walk in with fresh fish for my fish and chips! when i asked the waitress about it in passing, she mentioned to the chef and he came out and told me where he got it, what it was and where it was caught. it was from the fishmongers to my plate in less than 30minutes. The place is heaven for foodies and drinkers - dont know where to begin on the amount of bottles of spirits they have?!

12. clare&james31 Jan 2010, 1:34pm5 stars Lebowskis Report

The best of the 3 places we visited on Argyle street this month. Great food, good service and a refreshing look on seasonal food. Lebowskis has a reputation for great food and it lived up to it. Not much to comment on other than it was failry busy and we had to wait for a table. Both myself and my partner enjoyed a great bottle of wine and a great evening. We eat out regularily particularily in the west end and this is one we will definately be back to.

11. Debra16 Jan 2010, 1:06pm Report

I hadt been into lebowskis in a while, but it was always somewhere I would recommend to friends, but I was in last week & my god, it was awful! The service was terrible, really grumpy, slow staff & the we ordered burgers cause they were the best burgers in town but not so anymore, the food was god awful & I have to say the toilets were pretty unpleasant too. Its a real shame I used to love it there, Lebowskis whats happened?

10. ColinMck26 Oct 2009, 12:18pm2 stars Lebowskis Report

Very disappointing! The staff were friendly and attentive, but it took an hour and a quarter for our burgers to arrive. This was a Sunday evening and we only counted four other covers (so there was no justification for the delay). Sadly I can't say the food was worth the wait.

9. Wilber27 Jul 2009, 5:49pm5 stars Lebowskis Report

Well, what can i say. After reading everyone else's comments on the quality of food, drinks and service at lewbowski's, I don't want the staff to get an even bigger ego - however, it can't be helped, this place truly is a gem! We've been a couple for food and drinks and each time the quality doesn't dissappoint. I would thoroughly recommend trying the haggis lasagne.... a big hearty, tasty dish that's perfect after a night out.

If there was to be a gripe (it's only a small one) - it would be that the place is always busy and it can be hard to get a decent seat. But that just shows the popularity of the place.

I will definitely recommend this place to mates

8. Teensy Star27 May 2009, 11:16pm5 stars Lebowskis Report

I'm just back from living in london and stumbled across Lebowskis in argyle street. i've been spoilt for choice down south but its been hard to find a good local i can feel comfortble in with the girls or equally ok for a wee bit of romance with the not so better half. What a real surprise i got when i found lebowskis. It would give any place ive seen in london a run for its money and without the pretentious staff and equally stuffy sea of suits. The drinks looked great and he got his favourite beer so it kept him quiet. I haven't had good scottish food in ages and its done really well here despite the oddly unscottish name (is it polish or hebrew?), and its done with a bit of flair. The haggis lasagne was amazing. I pigged out with a starter too, with black pudding with crispy bacon on top which was equally amazing but definatley back to the gym food girlz ;-) i'm used to really great thai at my richmond local but am gladly swapping it for this kinda food. Now i have to watch the big lebowskis film to see what this white russian thing is all about. The guys at the bar tempted me to try one but i made them make me a fantastic orange blossom martini instead (some habits die hard). i'd highly recommend this place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

7. Darren Hughes3 May 2009, 9:58pm5 stars Lebowskis Report

Yep, I couldn't agree more with Karen and Gronia. I've been a Lebowskis convert for over a year now. I feel at home there, the burgers are pretty fantastic and I'm partial to the odd Big Lebowski White Russian - a pint of milky goodness! As for the big bowls - what's wrong with large portions? - better that than the miserly portions you get in some places. Their 2nd hit listing is well deserved - I'll be back in Lebowskis, and by the looks of it so will plenty others.

6. Karen Crawford3 May 2009, 4:51pm5 stars Lebowskis Report

Lovely Place with lovely food! I can't for the life of me see how or why anyone would not be back here, nevermind have a less than perfect experience. Our table was looked after by a very friendly young guy who helped us pick from what I think is an amazing menu with the origins of its produce on show - a real pleasant change to the apparent competiton in argyle street. We enjoy fanny trollopes for our special occaisions but come back time and time now to lebowskis. We came in for dinner after Lebowskis was awarded its 2nd Hit List from the List magazine and we were not disappointed. I think the previous negative remarks regarding the place are far from the truth but then again everywhere has bad days i suppose. However I'm still to experience one and would recommend to anyone. I think its consistency in gaining another hitlist award speaks for itself!

5. Senga Gal24 Apr 2009, 11:10am1 star Lebowskis Report

I am very surprised to read the zealous plaudits Gronia (3) and Maurine (4) have given this bar/eaterie. I would love to have been in Lebowski's the same night they appear to have been there because their experience does not bear any resemblance to my own. (Or maybe my standards are just higher - haha!)
I've been in twice - the first time was out of curiosity, the second because everywhere else was too busy. Both times I found the service to be very poor. There was a long delay for our food. In saying that, I'm happy to wait for food if it is worth waiting for. But the offerings we were dished up at Lebowskis were mediocre at best. The whole menu appears to be making a shaky effort to dress itself up as something better than it is. In my opinion, it all seemed a bit "style over substance". And they really need to ditch the massive "show-offy" bowls they put the soup in. Now that carry-on is just pretentious bordering on the ridiculous. My experience of Lebowskis is more akin to the comment made by Judd (2). And I, too, would not recommend this establishment to anyone.

4. Maurine Duffy11 Apr 2009, 12:46pm5 stars Lebowskis Report

I am always keen to see what other people have to say about places i've eaten in and also places i'm interested in eating in.
Lebowskis. What a breath of fresh air. What the Owners / Management have done with this aladdins cave of a bar is fantastic. They seem to keep the ingredients simple yet manage to create food, drinks and atmosphere that are all amazing. Sure, they get busy at peak times but that is surely the sign of a popular worthwhile place.

I shall definitely be back for more of the Lebowskis way of thinking.

Keep it up!

3. Gronia10 Apr 2009, 8:53pm5 stars Lebowskis Report

The girls and i are Lebowskis converts. We tried the west end, tried city centre and then we found this little gem - not pretenious at all just welcoming and inviting straight away. A cosy wee local that has an amazing range of drinks - it has to be seen to be believed, the bar is packed with bottles. Usually when we're out in town we get a wee bottle or two of wine and then get subjected to a choice of the usual bar nibbles but not here, here we got fresh nibbles arranged like tapas on a big wooden board, which the waiter told us were all scottish. He even took the time to tell us from where and who the items were from. salmon from shetland, roast ham from ayrshire - I can't remember half of it but it was all amazing especially the wee bruschetta things. To get tracability on ingredients like that is a real treat and so different from the tired old menus other bars churn out. Its not often I bother to say anything but I loved every minute here, we even got free brownies with our bill. We will now be booking our booth every week. It gets busy so would recommend for others to do the same.

2. Judd_IV14 Mar 2009, 5:35pm1 star Lebowskis Report

We have tried Lebowksi's three times now. On our first visit we thought we had visited on a bad day, we returned a second time, this was a slightly better experience and so we returned with friends a third time.
We found the food to be quite good, but the service was awful from arrival to departure. The wrong food came, the service was slow, the bill was wrong. We spent over 2 hours waiting for something or other. I think they need to decide whether they are a pub or restaurant, there are no dedicated waiting staff as far as we experienced. Not recommended.

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