Marcella's Italian Bakery

Marcella's Italian Bakery
20A Brougham Place, Tollcross, Edinburgh, EH3 9JU
  • Telephone 0131 622 5781
  • Food served Mon–Sat noon–10pm; Sun 5–11pm
  • Typical order Lasagna (£3)
  • Provides: Vegetarian options (at least ¼ main courses)

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6. Cammiefuji4 Sep 2014, 8:54pm4 stars Marcella's Italian Bakery Report

Spent a delightful evening here sampling the delicious authentic Italian cuisine. The rustic and romantic decor transports you to a sweet Italian tavern. There is something for everyone at Marcella's. The home made garlic bread is a must try. Such a treat!

5. W Greenhill18 Sep 2011, 3:59pm5 stars Marcella's Italian Bakery Report

I don't understand how anybody could dislike this place. Marcella works such long hours to create all of the delicious pastas and confectionaries, and the decor is a must see. It's a treat, definitely recommended for the delicious, reasonable and enjoyable experience.

4. edinburghsusan14 Aug 2011, 6:53pm1 star Marcella's Italian Bakery Report

The welcoming was VERY cold. The owner took the money before we even ordered...
We ordered a chilli sauce calzone and a ham & cheese panini.
Basically, the 'calzone' was some old bread with chilli powder on the top of it. And yeah, microwaved!
The panini was the same: a little bit of cheese and the cheapest ham of tesco. It was like a sandwich. And microwaved as well!
So much for a 'bakery'...

PS. The shop did not even look clean and tidy...

3. Pappa d30 Jan 2010, 5:46pm Report

Whenever north of the border pappa d inevitably makes a b-line for marcellas just off Lothian Road. A quaint, taverna style eating house it's uniqueness is it's one man operation. I am forever intrigued as to how this man, Angelo, copes. Pot washing, order taking, till operating, waiting on and of course cooking, demonstrates surreal gastronomy of the highest order. Inexpensive, good on the palate, this is a gem. Go there!

2. eatcakeordie31 Oct 2009, 5:53pm Report

The list is up to date and marcella's is open! A couple months after christmas angelo goes on his jolly's for about a month- and too right for running edinburgh's best kept secret. it is my favourite restaraunt in the whole of edinburgh, it's quirky, tasty and as a skint student it is one of the few place you and your friends can enjoy a good meal out together. In fact my pappa is coming up tonight and indeed we shall be dining there.

1. R Dineen20 Apr 2009, 10:22am Report

went along on this recommendation and the place was closed.... as in, shut up and gone away closed.

i thought that the list was an up to date publication. is your website not kept up to date also.

Disappointed but will survive.

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