102 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, G11 6NX
  • Telephone 0844 357 7777
  • Opening times Mon–Sun 8am–10pm
  • Bar open Mon–Sat 10am–10pm; Sun 1230pm–10pm
  • Food served Mon–Sun 8am–10pm
  • Average price £15 (lunch); £15 (evening meal)
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The first and original TriBeCa, this Dumbarton Road venue is famed for its breakfasts and brunches, with queues regularly seen on to the street long into a weekend afternoon. While the breakfast and brunch menu has expanded in location to the two other TriBeCa venues, the food on offer remains the same. Five-egg omelettes, large pancake stacks drizzled in maple syrup with fruit or bacon, and huge-scale full breakfasts, are accompanied by one or two more subtle options. This bustling café – where space can be tight, and service brisk – also does good coffee and juice options to support the veritable feasts on offer that will more than set you up for the day. Breakfast and lunch runs into the late afternoon, before the menu is taken over by the guys from Smoak who use their slow and barbecue-cooking styles to dish up hearty, meaty flavours that will have you craving for more. Despite expanding under new ownership, the original branch remains a weekend favourite in the West End.

  • High point: Location
  • Low point: Errors from the kitchen
  • Notable dish: The Manhattan Grand Slam breakfast
  • Provides: Halal options, Children's portions, Children's high chairs, Wheelchair access, Outdoor tables, Free wi-fi
  • Music on stereo: Variety of Americana
  • Capacity: 30-36
  • Largest group: As many as can seat
  • Open since: 2013
  • Number of wines sold by the glass: 7
  • House wine: £8-11 per bottle

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29 Mar 2012

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Café Gandolfi 64 Albion Street, 552 6813, Breakfast served: Mon-Sat 8am-noon; Sun 9am-noon. The long-standing, Scottish cuisine-focused eatery has beefed up its breakfasts in recent years, resulting in a menu with eight different egg…

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9. Ashleigh26 Jun 2013, 1:58pm1 star Tribeca Report

The Tribecca has had 3 chances from myself and my family as the good is nice, but the service has been constantly awful and we shall therefore not be going back. Waitresses taking 15 to 20 mins before taking an order and when they do they look like you are causing then an inconvienence by them having to do so. Lunch for 3 people taking 30 to 45 mins to arrive, with no indication from the staff that this is anything other than normal. Furthermore when three of us were sat at an average size 4 seater table an extra space was made at the head of the table where we were told we had to sit out couldn't have the table incase 2 other customers came i'm do that we would all share the table. This also happened before when the split 2 2 seater tables apart and added another chair to one so that we had to squash incase they got two more customers. Tribecca is far to money driven focusing on volume of customers that the actual customer service and experince suffers greatly. The food is good, but bit any better than many other similar priced places in the west end and it does not make up for the horrible atmosphere, unfriendly, uncomfortable and lazy.

8. I think I found the best cafe in Glasgow.23 Jul 2012, 11:49pm5 stars Tribeca Report

Greg and I headed down with 8 of our closest friends to try what many are saying is a fantastic American brunch place. Boy were they right!!! They don't do reservations and seat on a first come basis. We were hoping to get a table but it was already full by 10:15 and it opened at 10!!! Nevertheless we were prepared to wait and the manager was very accomodating even getting us complimentary coffees while we waited in the outdoor seating area. We waited 15 minutes and were then called in to our table that had been specially put together for us. They even took our order while we waited and timed it perfectly so our food arrived at the table 5 minutes after we sat. Things that we recommend you try - The "Snow Blizzards". A thick creamy Ice cream shake and come in many flavours. Greg had Dime Bar...I had Oreo Cookie.... what a sweet feast in itself. Food wise...I went for the 5 egg Jamaica Omelette and Greg had the Eggs Royale. The Omelette was cooked to perfection. No knife required. Plenty of thick chunky doorstep sized toast. Greg was pleased to learn that the Salmon they serve here is Oak Smoked and river caught and not farmed. They even have organic and free range eggs as an option. The staff were just lovely. Very personable and friendly and seemed to be working very hard to make sure the customers were kept happy. There seems to be a huge amount of effort that has gone into this NY breakfast diner. The whole place has a really authentic feel to it....looking out of the window at the NYC Taxi and NYPD Cop Car while we ate added to the whole experience. My friend Alison and her husband Rob who joined us are from Manhattan and they said it felt more like NY than NY. Kudos to TriBeCa. We are hooked! PS..check out the toilet.

7. Alice 836 Jul 2012, 4:03pm Report

i have never recived or witnessed such applaling service, not spesifically from the waiting staff, but the chef, who is also I believe the owner. It was a Saturday and I'd admit it was busy. However it took forty minutes to bring a simple bagel, and crossiant out. by the time it arrived we had finished our coffee, and the order was wrong. Meanwhile i could hear the chef screaming and swearing at the rest of the staff. and to top this behaviour off, it became clear that he had closed the kitchen at around 2pm, as we noticed the rather apologetic waitress turning numerous groups away explaing that the kitchen had been closed. the way he treated his staff was enough to turn my stomach, and I will not be supporting such behaviour any time soon!!!!!

6. C.McLaren4 Jul 2012, 5:21am5 stars Tribeca Report

Visited TriBeCa on Monday with my mother and father and my in-laws. I am a seasoned regular to this place and I took the family to impress them. They triumphed on every aspect. First off, the customer service was excellent! Very personable and friendly but not too familiar and getting the professional approach just right. We even had our coats taken for us. The food was just wow wow wow! Beautifully presented and tastes of the sublime. I had the new Cobb Salad and my parents had the French Toast. The inlaws had the Benedict and the Florentine. Everything came out perfect! They just got a new Barista in and his coffee was the best I ever tasted. Kudos to this place. It never stops getting better.

5. G Frost2 Jul 2012, 7:18pm Report

Went in with friend at 1.30 on a Monday. Ordered drinks. Waiter came to take order so I requested a burger, only to be told that they had "run out of" burgers. Looked at menu again and, when waiter returned, ordered another meal, only to be told that they had "run out of" brown bread ! Meanwhile, saw that other table was also getting the "run out of" excuse, this time on mushrooms, I think. Couple at table next to us said thay had had the same experience. We decided to leave and ended up paying £4 for two drinks we didn't touch. Tribeca styles itself as a New York diner but no diner I have ever visited in NYC has ever run out of items such as burgers, brown bread, etc. Very unimpressed.

4. Russell3921 Jun 2012, 7:11am1 star Tribeca Report

Did not stay for a meal after some of the rudest behaviour from the staff

3. cjack16 Mar 2011, 3:29pm4 stars Tribeca Report

Brilliant breakfast every time. Would recommend the french toast with syrup and bacon as well as the manhattan full breakfast. Good coffee and orange juice. Only downside is the prices.

2. pancake lover23 Oct 2010, 3:38pm1 star Tribeca Report

Like the new refurbishment, but have just come back from lunch at Tribeca and will not ever return. I ordered the pancakes and syrup and the pancakes were inedible slices of rubber, and the syrup was a cheap sugary disgrace, despite being initially told it would be maple syrup. But all that is forgivable if the manager had simply refunded the pancakes - but despite my comments and disappointment, no such offer was made. Disappointing.

1. anon.30 Mar 2009, 5:47pm2 stars Tribeca Report

Don't go here if you are in a hurry! Although the food was really good, tasty and large protions. Service was very slow and both waiting staff didn't seem very with it, think they'd had a heavier night than us the night before! It took 20 minutes for our table to be cleared, another 10 minutes before they took our order because the waiter couldn't find a pen! Our drinks arrived after the food, as did the cutlery! Luckily we weren't too hungry when we arrived, but by the time the food actually came, we were starving! The cafe only has about 8 tables and with two waiting staff, the wait was really ridiculous.

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