Casa Blanca

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the information displayed here is accurate, always check with the venue before attending (especially during the Covid-19 pandemic).
Casa Blanca
35 Clarence Drive, Glasgow, G12 9QN
  • Telephone 0141 339 9190
  • Food served Mon–Fri 11am–midnight; Sat 2pm–midnight; Sun 2–11pm
  • Typical order Spicy onion and Moroccan-style spicy chicken pizza (5.80)
Photo of Casa Blanca

Takeaway review
This Clarence Drive all-rounder offers a reliable and diverse menu featuring pastas, burgers, hot dogs and baked potatoes, but their pizzas are a speciality. Those collecting from this smart-looking takeaway can wonder at the pneumatic pizza-base maker while waiting for things to crisp up. And if size matters then it is a firm favourite as their pizzas come large and, while the bases are nicely thin, the tops are heavily loaded – the 'casa blanca' pizza has barely a square centimeter of cheese that isn't obscured by pepperoni, spicy chicken or ham, making for a genuine feast for the eyes and belly. The tasty barbecue offerings include smoky lamb and chicken, served with warm pitta bread and a simple greek salad.

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The first thing that might distinguish Casa Blanca from other takeaways is its pneumatic pizza base maker, which can cause childlike fascination and distract one from the business of deciding what to order. Not that that isn’t hard enough - there are also pastas, burgers, hot dogs, baked potatoes and even salads on the menu. Pizzas are made to order with a few toppings not found in any old takeaway such as artichoke, Parma ham, or Moroccan-style spicy chicken. Pasta dishes stand out too - sun dried tomatoes and peppers are, again, cooked to order before being added and tasting better for it. A little accompanying tub of Parmesan is a nice touch, as are the decorative oils and the posters of Bogart and Bergman. That sort of stuff, along with the food (and the pizza machine), makes Casa Blanca a popular choice.

  • Delivery: £1 (G11, 12) £1.50 (G14) £2 (G13) / Mon–Sun 5pm–11pm