Grand Cru

Grand Cru
79 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1EE
  • Telephone 0131 226 6427
  • Opening times Sun–Thu 11am–1am; Fri 11am–2am; Sat 11am–3am
  • Bar open Sun–Thu 11am–1am; Fri 11am–2am; Sat 11am–3am
  • Food served Mon–Sun noon–1am
  • Private dining: Up to 20 covers
  • Provides: Vegetarian options (at least ¼ main courses), Gluten-free options, Children's high chairs, Free wi-fi
  • Music on stereo: House, dance, pop music and R&B, live DJs on Fri/Sat from 10pm
  • Capacity: 75
  • Largest group: 35
  • Open since: October 2000, relaun
  • Number of wines sold by the glass: 7
  • House wine: £10.20 per bottle

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7. nowdeaf29 Sep 2012, 5:09pm3 stars Grand Cru Report

We had a lovely meal last night 28th Sept, completely ruined by the large party in the bar and especially the screaming female who decided to try to flirt with every young man in the bar. We could not hear ourseves think let alone speak. Complaints were completely ignored and they managed to lose at least 4 goups of people from their restaurant who like us could not stand the constant screaming. Food has always been good for us but we will think again now as our night was completely ruined. To the older female ...... grow up.... you are not a teenager and did not even remotely resemble you were being carried out at 8pm while the men in your company took bets as to who would sleep with you......disgrace. Grand Cru? very bad.

6. H-B8 Aug 2012, 8:41pm1 star Grand Cru Report

My family went to grand cru for lunch and grew to regret it for many reasons:
1. Two of us ordered a "grilled chicken caesar salad" but were presented with a plate of lettuce, cold pre cooked (not grilled!) chicken and chunks of croutons. The "salad" lacked what many of us would consider key ingredients of a salad; tomatoes etc and it seemed the meal was simply thrown on the plate.
2. Another member of the party ordered a steak sandwich. Although arriving better presented than our salads it was just as disappointing. The steak was extremely rubbery and frankly unenjoyable.
3. We ordered foccacia wth Brie and were given large chunks of crusty bread, olives, vinegar and olive oil and guacamole (?) instead as the waitress took down the order incorrectly.
4. The staff seemed disinterested with their customers.
5. The place lacked atmosphere and we really couldn't get out of there quick enough.
Possibly the worst lunch I have ever experienced. Save yourself the trouble and go somewhere else!

5. Ed1nburgh112 Jan 2012, 9:10pm1 star Grand Cru Report

Lucky to get a star!! Awful, starter was dry, hard and OFF!!! Main was dry and unadable, staff didnt anything about it but apologise, after agreeing my meal was dry, wont be going back or reccommending it was terrible!!

4. nickyc29 Nov 2011, 3:41pm Report

Can't understand how people haven't liked Le Grand Cru. I have been there loads of times at lunch time and the food has always been great - tasty, a lot of it and cheap. The wine prices are excellent too. The staff have always been very helpful and friendly and I have recommended it to lots of friends. I LOVE it!

3. Lisa C16 Oct 2011, 11:03pm1 star Grand Cru Report

Was at Grand Cruz this Saturday and it was pretty awful!
To begin with, I was there in a party of 5, I had booked the table well in advance with a living social deal. I had received a call from Grand Cruz on the Wednesday to confirm my booking but when we arrived, my booking was not on their bookings list for the evening.

To list the thing which were a huge dissapointment:
1. The restuarant manager was rude and table staff were rude.
2. There was no house champagne left and the alternatives offered were prosecco
3. Their blender was broken so certain cocktails could not be made and Daiquiris were not frozen daiquiris even though the choice was given
4. No steak or lamb was on the menu (the restaurant/bar should have known these would be popular and anticipated more stock needed to be ordered)
5. Wobbly table meant drinks were spilled including half a glass of champagne
6. When we asked to look at the dessert menu, the restaurant manager in as many words said we had to hurry up and decide what we wanted while she stood at the table looking unimpressed
7. We were not asked if we wanted any coffees and waitress presented us with the bill and said we had to pay as the bar was getting busy
8. Waitresses were shooting our party dirty looks when we talked amongst ourselves as how shockingly poor the service was

Only redeeming factor was that the food we did order was good but I would not go back as a result of the very poor service!!!

2. very unhappy1 Jul 2010, 4:39pm1 star Grand Cru Report

To be honest, Grand Cru are lucky they even get one star. The service was appalling; the staff were disinterested and rude.

Went with friends for breakfast on a saturday morning. I was disappointed initially when told that there were no vegetarian options available except toast and jam so i ordered this and when it came it consisted of two pieces of bread (barely toasted) with jam...and salad. I was somewhat confused as to why my toast and jam came with a side salad so asked the waiter who bluntly pointed out that they thought my plate looked 'cheap' and so added salad beside it to make it look better!! My friends were equally unimpressed with their food and the service. Also we had to ask for cutlery!

It's a shame because this place has the potential to be really nice but trust me its not worth going to. Plenty of other nice places to go in Edinburgh.

1. Ian C2 Oct 2008, 8:49pm2 stars Grand Cru Report

I would agree with the official List review that the staff are great and it is a nice place for a drink and meet friends but I would forget food.
I had the nachos and a supposed tomato and red pepper soup. It was a watery tasting, unseasoned bowl of passata Neither my girlfriend or I could taste any pepper at all. The nachos were advertised as being covered in monteray jack cheese which turned out to be a greasy, cheap dyed chedder. The bread which came with the soup was stale. All in all very poor for £13. If we go again it will not be for food. There are a lot better places in that part of town. Top marks for services though!

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