Mr Singh's India

Mr Singh's India
149 Elderslie Street, Glasgow, G3 7JR
  • Telephone 0141 204 0186
  • Food served Mon–Sat noon–midnight; Sun 3pm–midnight.
  • Pre-theatre times Mon–Sun 5–6.30pm
  • Website
  • Private dining: Up to 18 covers
  • Provides: Children's portions, Children's high chairs, Pre-theatre menu
  • Capacity: 95
  • Largest group: 90
  • Open since: 1994
  • House wine: £12 per bottle

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8. Thomas Cunningham31 Dec 2014, 7:20pm5 stars Mr Singh's India Report

Astonished at some of the comments on here. Been going to Mr Singh's for years and absolutely love the place. Is the food authentic Indian? I have no idea because I am not Indian, have never been to India and I am really not that pretentious. Is the food delicious? Absolutely - and the staff are all amazing too. The place has been around for a long time and it is still always packed, long after many others have come and gone so they must be doing something right… contrary to what the other comments on here would suggest!

Keep up the good work Mr Singh!

7. Jodie21 Feb 2012, 2:11pm1 star Mr Singh's India Report

Cheap tasting curries with poor service. The curry was bland and tasted like something you'd get out of a bad take away or jar from the supermarket. My meal had hardly any king prawns and the portions were small. Wont even entertain going here again

6. smilie18 Feb 2012, 1:47pm1 star Mr Singh's India Report

Nice decor and was funny seeing the staff in kilts. But we went for the food and it was very poor. The starter said SAMOSA'S when you only get one tasteless cheap frozen piece and the pakora was the cheap stuff you get out of some take away's. The saag dish was tasteless and lacked paneer. The king prawns still had their legs on and the south indian seriousley lacked any punch. Our friend who is not fond of curry's had the fish n chips which was a further disapointment. The fish was a tiny piece that came out of a cheap freezer food retail chain and the chef's medley turns out to be pea's. Complaints were met by just a 'sorry about that' - RECOMMEND YOU AVOID. I got the impression it was just cheap take away food which they try to pass off as al le carte you expect in the west end. If you want a good authentic curry in this area, there are 2 good ones within just a few minutes walk.

5. princessnic23 Aug 2010, 10:40am5 stars Mr Singh's India Report

I have been going to this restaurant for years and each time I go it just seems to get better. The staff are super friendly and the food is top dollar. I would highly recommend the Chicken Korma.

4. Jumbo18 Oct 2009, 10:43am1 star Mr Singh's India Report

Mr Singh's felt like a busy cafeteria serving sub-standard food. Remember when supermarkets first sold "authentic" Indian curries in the 80s? They were bland, unspiced and tastless. The food here manages to capture this perfectly. No stars. Avoid.

3. Naina26 Aug 2008, 8:40am1 star Mr Singh's India Report

We went to Mr Singh's looking for some authentic indian food(as people of indian origin and with extensive experience of a range of Indian cuisine especially 'punjabi') in our first visit to Glasgow. The decor was good, but the quality of the food was very poor and the choices for vegetarians even worse. The limited vegetarian options such as Veg pakora and samosa are fried in the same oil as the fish and chicken ones-so not really 'vegetarian'. Veg mains not quoted but priced same as meat mains and service was also inattentive. Waiters wore kilts, but pity that they have lost the roots of the cuisine. We would not recommend it to anyone looking for 'real' indian food. A shame really! but a clue to the lack of quality is in their reluctance to include their menu on their website. Sorry but could not morally justify any stars but the system would not allow none so it is one Star!

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