The Cramond Inn

The Cramond Inn
30 Cramond Glebe Road, Cramond Village, Edinburgh, EH4 6NU
  • Telephone 0131 336 2035
  • Opening times Mon–Thu 11am–11pm; Fri/Sat 11am–midnight; Sun 12.30–11pm
  • Bar open Mon–Thu 11am–11pm; Fri/Sat 11am–midnight; Sun 12.30–11pm
  • Food served Mon–Thu noon–8.45pm; Fri/Sat noon–9.45pm; Sun 12.30–6pm.
  • Private dining: 20-30
  • Provides: Gluten-free options, Children's portions, Children's high chairs, Wheelchair access
  • Music on stereo: Nothing
  • Capacity: 90
  • Largest group: 60
  • Open since: 1870s
  • Number of wines sold by the glass: 5
  • House wine: £13.84 (litre carafe) per bottle

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23. Debbie Rush2 Apr 2014, 10:39am5 stars The Cramond Inn Report

My husband and I stayed in Cramond for a holiday in early march and were disappointed to find The Brig closed for refurbishment and wanting to find a pub wth food in walking distance that accepted pets and found only pub to be the Cramond Inn. After reading the reviews online our expectations were low. I was quite looking forward to crossing off the list of online negatives as and when we encountered them. However I have nothing but praise for the pub, it's cosy atmosphere, the helpful staff, very quick service despite always being full and busy, decent quality pub food (the rump steak was to die for!) at a reasonable price. The ale and wines were delicious and so cheap... Always a bowl of water for the dogs. We ate there at least 5 times during our week away and can honestly say it made our holiday and only have fond memories.

22. Jim F12 Sep 2013, 10:19pm1 star The Cramond Inn Report

An awful experience. This place has gone downhill and I don't recommend that anyone eats here. We received very poor customer service from a 'manager' regarding an unsatisfactory meal. We will never be going back.

21. Sage19 Jun 2013, 1:06pm Report

What a disappointment! What was intended as a Father's Day family treat turned to disaster as untrained, charmless and overworked staff struggled to keep up with customers' perfectly reasonable requests for service. While the first course was fine, we waited 40 minutes for puddings and then gave up, though we had to wait a further 20 minutes to pay the bill. At no time did anyone apologise or show any concern about the poor quality of service. Some customer service training, a smile and explanations/apologies would have gone a long long way to soothe the feelings of a queue of angry customers.

20. Alibags18 May 2013, 10:00pm3 stars The Cramond Inn Report

We'd come over from Glasgow for the day and found the pub warm and welcoming and the food perfectly edible and good value. Will definitely go back,

19. DJA66622 Apr 2013, 9:35pm Report

I was told about how bad this place was be my friend John who has been here a few times, This must be the WORSE PUB IN SCOTLAND, what are the management and owners thinking about, with drugs being sold here openly.

The food is beyond bad and the staff could not care less. I have heard customers being told to "*uck off if you are not happy " Im told that the Police know all about this place but they turn a blind eye as they get large cash kickbacks. Be warned, DO NOT EAT HERE you have no idea what you are eating or how or who prepared it.

18. Andrewr8 Apr 2013, 11:40am Report

Congratulations, worst meal i have had!

We had the 'In-laws' visiting from England and on looking for somewhere nice to enjoy a Sunday Lunch, we chose the Cramond Inn, mistake. We should have realised everything was not great, when we were told that they could not run a 'TAB' and everything had to be paid for when ordering, this ensures that the pub receives the money before patrons refuse to pay. Furthermore, this was the first establishment that has charged me a surcharge for using a 'Debit Card'.

As for the meal (The Sunday Roast), no-one at the table could eat what was served, there were 5 meals, all had the same. The meat was so tough (or the knives were blunt) that you could not cut it, the broccoli was raw and the roast potatoes were like coated snowballs. So all five plates were sent back to the kitchen, taken by a staff member, who did say he would let the chef know, but was never seen again to bring back the chef's comments.

To sum it up, i would not recommend this as an eating establishment, in fact i would not recommend visiting the Cramond Inn at all.

17. SteveG11 Mar 2013, 1:14pm3 stars The Cramond Inn Report

As a recent local to Cramond, my wife and I have been in to the Cramond Inn a couple of times before, but never to eat (I've got to admit, the bad reviews had put us off).

We went in with the in-laws yesterday, for Mother's Day, so this is my review of that experience.

First, the positive.
The Cramond Inn is lovely old pub with some character to it. The main dining area has a nice ambience to it, complete with crackling log fire when we were in.

The draught beer is bl**dy cheap! Taddy Lager (which I've had twice now) is about £2.20 a pint (an a decent enough beer), and the Alpine lager is even cheaper, £1-something a pint. Even the brewary's own cola tastes decent enough, pretty similar to Coke.

The meals are reasonably priced. This isn't fine dining, it's pub food, but as pub food goes, it's not expensive. Judging by our 4 meals, you do indeed get what you pay for, which is to say that they were generally fine. I had the scampi, which I initially thought when it turned up that the portion was a bit small, but when I'd finished I felt full. The scampi, the chips, and the peas were all cooked just fine, not too hot, not cold, not to hard or too crispy. No sign of "microwaved chips" on any of the 4 plates either. It was obvious they were straight from the frier. The in-laws both had the BBQ buger, and again no complaints there. The only source of disappointment was my (vegetarian) wife's Red Pepper and Feta quiche, which was obviously bought in rather than home cooked (and that's fair enough) but was a bit soggy. Not bad enough to warrant any complaint though, and she still ate it.

Also, the food turned up pretty quickly.

The bad points:
The young staff weren't what I'd describe as welcoming, happy, chatty, chipper, whatever you want to call it. Now for me that's not really a problem, so long as they provide a reasonable service (I'm not paying for the banter!) and I only mention it here as it's perhaps something worth improving on given the poor reviews other's have left.

In spite of the lack of custom (considering it was Mother's Day), the 2 bar staff seemed to struggle to keep on top of things at times, since they were also having to serve the food too. Upon placing my order at the bar, the barman had to nip away before pooring the last drink, and I had to wait for 5 minutes whilst he served food before returning to poor the drink and take payment. Again, not a massive problem, but I'm not sure how they would have coped if the place had been packed.

We also experienced the same confusion other's have mentioned about simple requests. Father in law asked for "a straw, or something I can stir this with" (wanted to mix the orange and lemonade), but they didn't have straws and the barman disappeared to the kitchen to get a spoon. Just seems odd not to have straws at a bar, especially considering this is a family friendly pub. Also, we'd phoned a week earlier to ask to book a table, conscious that it may be busy on Mother's Day, but were told they don't book tables. Yet on our previous visit they had Reserved signs on a couple of tables, and sure enough, yesterday they had one table in the dining room reserved, though nobody claimed it for the 2 hours we were there.

I will happily go back to the Cramond Inn, I'd even eat there again, and I think they should be supported by locals, but they definitely need to address some issues if they are to shake off the bad reviews they've been getting. I'm absolutely convinced now that they are surviving on passing tourists and a very small number of locals, because otherwise I can't see why they would be so quiet on Mother's Day (foul weather, so no passing trade).

So give them a go and make your own decision if you are in the area.

16. Karen T1 Jan 2013, 5:39pm1 star The Cramond Inn Report

We visited Cramond on New Years' Day 2013 - it's a good place to blow away last years' cobwebs! We were looking forward to a light refreshment at the Cramond Inn but we were sadly disappointed. Despite all the interior lights being on (giving the place the look of a Christmas tree) the place was closed. Given the amount of people that were out and about at Cramond today, it beggars belief that the Inn wasn't open. Having read previous reviews, it's obvious that Samuel Smith's, the English brewery that owns it, don't give a hoot about their customers. We certainly won't be going back there anytime soon. And since word-of-mouth is the best (and cheapest!) form of advertising, I'll be passing on my thoughts to everyone I know.

15. Mlinky20 Feb 2012, 2:39pm Report

Has to be one of the best pub locations in Scotland, shame it serves the worst food in Scotland. The standard of food really is dire, it is cheap, you get what you pay for, I am sure people would pay more for good pub grub.

Samuel Smith's obviously do not give a damn about this place, please sell up and let somone that loves the industry run it to its potential.

14. Anne Greaves28 Oct 2011, 10:10am Report

Visited the Crammond in October, we were made to feel very welcome both by the management team and their staff. We had a Sun day Roast and it was really good and value for money. There seems to have been a lot of bad reviews about thsi place whcih I think are unfair Yes it is a Sam Smiths pub which has its own brew but it is affordable and a decent pint. Pubs in England do cash up whilst customers are in and start cleaning there is nothing wrong with that, we didn't feel uncomfortable with that and didn't feel as if we had to leave, in fact we stayed till last orders.

13. Robertky1127 Sep 2011, 7:58am Report

Arrived 16-30 Sunday 25th September only to be told the kitchen was closed from 16-00.

12. K-J21 Aug 2011, 5:45pm1 star The Cramond Inn Report

This used to be a great place to go after a walk on the beach. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. The food is straight out of a microwave and the management make you feel you are inconveniencing them if you stay after 10pm, cashing up and starting to hoover around you. It was also closed on New Year's Eve..incredible.

11. kirktonmains13 Nov 2010, 5:18pm1 star The Cramond Inn Report

We went to the Crammond Inn last Saturday, remembering visits in the pasts, with lovely homemade food and good service. How disappointed we were! The tables were dirty, the juice was flat, the food took over an hour to arrive. We ordered four meals and only three arrived - we were told the final meal would take 10 or 15 minutes, but it didn't arrive, and finally we gave up and left. We ordered a separate portion of chips and sent them back as they were cold. The waitress took them away, and brought them back - refried! They were far too crispy to eat. The food was the worst of pre-made, boiled in the bag... I would expect more from a Weatherspoons or such. The staff were inattentive and simply seemed not to care. Such a shame that a pub restaurant which has just a gorgeous location and used to be so good is now so so terrible.

10. BPS20 Oct 2010, 2:31pm4 stars The Cramond Inn Report

Having been there several times lately, I can assure you the food is no longer the rubbish that has been spoken about. They must have rehired a chef. The food is perfectly adequate pub grub and the pints are excellent.

Recommended for a day out to the pub. Nice setting and cosy when the fire is going.

9. Birdie3 Jun 2010, 10:44am Report

I went back to the Cramond Inn last night under duress and after many months away (and I'm a local) because it is so bad under current management. I have to say if it's all about managing expectations, they didn't disappoint. It is still horrendous food, wine and service.

What a shame that this pub, which has such amazing potential given its location, is being run by people who clearly have no concept of how to run a good village pub. You can't even get food served outside, which during the summer is just daft, especially given the amount of dog walkers down there.

I agree with the other post - I really hope they run themselves out of business so someone can come back and do it the justice it, and the customers, deserve.

8. Louis Jadot26 May 2010, 10:53pm1 star The Cramond Inn Report

Good beer, good location, inedible food.

If you want a meal then the nearby Cramond Brig has been transformed under its new owners and now has excellent food and a refurbished interior. Not sure why the current brewery owners of the Cramond Inn cannot realise the true potential of the place.

7. Ewen3 May 2010, 6:03pm Report

Ah, the Crammond Inn! Home of the infamous 'chicken burger'. A lump of unseasoned rubbery white meat on a bun. What a delight!

Last time I was down there, I took sandwiches.............. :(

Nice beer selection though.

6. Scott Webb10 Oct 2009, 4:11pm Report

Went there with some friends on the 7th of October. Their organic wheat beer was probably one of the best pints i have ever drank and would go there for that alone. I would also say that after chatting with their very friendly staff that they were aware that they would have preferred ideally to continue with the home made food but got the impression that this had something to do with the brewery owners. I have read the comments above and would say they were just a tad harsh, especially when my friends and i have a relaxed time and good service for what was laid out.
I personally opted for the fish and chips once i found out their menu was not home made. It was actually surprisingly good and along with their chilli concarni seemed to work for the others with me.
I myself certainly prefer home made food and like many here would expect to pay more for it, but lets face it ladies and gentleman....
Pubs are shutting down all over the UK at a truly horrendous rate and any idiot that thought the smoking ban helped things.......well they are paying for it now. If you don't support your local pubs then you WILL lose them for good and while a few of you may snigger and say well we will still be ok........ask yourself this many of the personalities i have read above would like to congregate in one place.
Please excuse my grammar etc but typed this while on the phone :)

I personally wish the staff and owners success and hope they do get the chance to up their game BASED on local and other support.

5. mad_scots_man19 Sep 2009, 1:42pm Report

I used to meet friends in the Cramond Inn, particularly around the festive season, and have witnessed a sharp decline in the standard of the service and the atmopshere over the last few years. When a polite yet considered complaint was made, the manager's attitude was nothing short of appauling.

Having spoken to many friends and colleagues it would appear that my views regarding the Inn are shared by many.

On a positive note, the current management look set to run the place into the ground. The sooner this happens the better as this will allow someone with a little more interest in their customers to step in and bring the Inn back up to former standards and popularity. Until then, i won't be setting one foot in!

4. nugget4 Sep 2009, 8:14pm1 star The Cramond Inn Report

I have been a fan of Cramond Inn and the food served up by the chef in the kitchen for over 6 years. The food was always of a very high quality and that combined with a very pleasant staff made a visit to the Cramond Inn a very pleasant experience.

What a disappointment it was to revisit the Cramond Inn on Tuesday, the 1st September 2009 as the menus had been totally changed and the price had come down a few pounds. Not only the price had come down but the quality of the food had plummeted to rock bottom. The standard of the food was about what you would get a supermarket cafe.

The staff, in the past, had time to spend with their customers and be good ambassadors for the Cramond Inn but were too busy due to what must have been a cut in staff due to a management policy.

Anybody who appreciates good food would not think of going to the Cramond Inn for a meal. The décor and the beers remain the same. What a difference it would be if the Cramond Inn could be bought over and made into a free house. Then there would be good beers as well has good food without the constraints imposed by Samuel Smith's the brewers.

I for one will not be back.

3. WK22 Aug 2009, 5:33pm Report

If only we had read the reviews above!! Just been to the Cramond Inn for the first time in many years and the food was dismal.

The prices on the menu initially did seem too cheap to be believed. This was confirmed as the cheesy nachos arrived looking pretty ropey. A few corn chips with cheese grated over the top, most of which remained stubbornly un-melted. Main courses were equally bad if not worse. We refused to pay for the macaroni as it was completely inedible and was presented in one solid mass minus anything resembling cheese. Unlike no.1 above our lasagne had been cooked to within an inch of its life and dry as a stick rather than greasy, although it still managed to be served tepid.

Very dissappointing, avoid at all costs.

On the plus side...the lager was nice!

2. Bryan8 Aug 2009, 1:38pm Report

I wished I had read the other review of Cramond Inn before going there last night. We've also been going there for years and really liked the choice of home-made food, from excellent mussels to great fish & chips and excellent steak and ale pie.

Cramond Inn now serves food that even most motorway service areas left behind years ago! I guess the food pictures on the menu and the cheap prices were a clue, but the reality of the food was even worse.

The Cramond Inn remains a nice place to go for a beer, with good outside seating overlooking the Forth. BUT - don't go there if you are looking for nice food and even a decent glass of wine.

What a shame that a good pub/restaurant can be killed off overnight.

1. LB23 Jul 2009, 11:59am1 star The Cramond Inn Report

We have been going to the Cramond Inn for the last 3 years, the food was excellent. All home made, high quality pub food. Last month we had friends staying and went there for Sunday lunch. As we sat down we noticed that the menu had changed, it was much larger and had pictures of the food. The price has also come down dramatically. We ordered the lasagne, we had this here 3 weeks before and it was lovely, loads of meat and sauce.

What we were served up this time was nothing short of disgusting. There was a layer of cheese about half and inch think, with grease running all over the top of it. Underneath hardly any meat, what was there was poor quality and the sauce was loaded with salt and tasted horrible.

They have clearly got rid of the talented chef and replaced them with a microwave. We left out food, paid and went somewhere else.

Avoid this place like the plague!

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