This restaurant has ceased trading.

19–20 Teviot Place, Edinburgh, EH1 2QZ
  • Telephone 0131 220 6880
  • Opening times Mon–Thu noon–1am; Fri/Sat noon–3am; Sun noon–1am
  • Bar open Mon–Thu noon–1am; Fri/Sat noon–3am; Sun noon–1am
  • Food served Mon–Thu noon–1am; Fri/Sat noon–3am; Sun noon–1am
  • Provides: Vegetarian options (at least ¼ main courses), Children's portions, Outdoor tables
  • Music on stereo: Funky electronic pop tunes
  • Capacity: 60
  • Largest group: 60
  • Open since: 1999
  • Number of wines sold by the glass: 8
  • House wine: £11.25 per bottle

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5. Michael Yeomans30 Nov 2013, 9:27pm4 stars Favorit Report

In spite of all the horrid reviews I see elsewhere - I love Favorit!

Open v. late, do pretty tasty pub-grub style food at a not extortionate price, offer take away and a generally friendly staff.

Sure it's not haute cuisine; but as a 4th year student spending many a long night in the library it's been brilliant to reliably get a warm meal of a good standard, which is filling, can be healthy if desired and isn't a rip-off.

People expecting Michelin Star should go find a fancy restaurant and stop expecting a cafe-style location to be more than what it is!

4. Auld Reeker8 Aug 2012, 7:54pm1 star Favorit Report

We chose Favorit for our dinner prior to a show at Pleasance Dome. At the time convenience was what we were after due to our show later that night. We now wish in hindsight never to have darkened their door now.

My wife chose the "Quesadilla" from the menu and I had the Lasagne. What came out from the kitchen was garbage. The quesadilla itself was the more of a toasted wrap and more importantly not what was descibed on the menu. The menu describing it as coming with cheese and peppers and chicken. It wasn't eaten, but cup opened up to inspect it's contents. 1 small piece of chicken, some eggplant and some onion - no cheese whatsoever. This was returned to the kitchen, hoping that her 2nd choice of Lasagne would be better

Although the waitress was informed of the state of the food served we don't believe the emphasis was reverted to the kitchen staff as the replacement meal that appeared was similarly bad.

The lasagne was a pre-prepared meal that wouldn't have looked out of place on the "Everyday value" shelves of tesco - it as a sad, depressing portion of Lasagne. The potato wedges were also sadly depressing - dry and tasteless. Lasagne was £8.95 for the (dis)pleasure.

Drinks were a bottle of unnamed sparkling spring water and a bashed can of fanta. They were certainly not chilled before they came to our table. Having had a rather full glass of ice supplied, by the time I had decanted the can into the glass the ice was all but gone.

We will never ever eat here again.

3. Craig McIntosh22 Jul 2012, 10:43pm1 star Favorit Report

This Cafe / Bar increases their prices every year during the Festival, be advised. Also after 6pm they will only serve you drinks with food. Today after over 10 years loyal custom at Favorit cafe / bar, I an Edinburgh Local regular customer have been informed by the owner that anybody wishing to use Favorit during this years Festival 2012 must also buy food. I asked but what about the Edinburgh Locals who come nearly every night to enjoy a coffee, and was told even them. I informed the owner after 10 years custom I will not be back. I say "No To Rip Off Edinburgh"

2. hrn5 Jun 2011, 11:54pm1 star Favorit Report

Agreed with Anton Ego's comment there!
Our group of friends came to Favorit tonight with the hope of completing our day out with some drinks and food, however when we just stepped inside the waitress and a man who called himself ' the chef' didn't even crack a smile or greet us. So OK, we ordered 2 Beef Burgers, Chicken stripe with Cous cous with some beers and a desert to share.
The order came with
1. Wrong beer
2. Microwave look-alike burger with just a piece of greasy meat between the buns and some slices of salad and wedges on the side
3. Chicken stripes with Yellow rice instead of cous cous, it was actually long GRAINs OF RICE ( or maybe they call rice, cous cous in Favorit , i don't know)
4. no desert because the waitress might be forgotten about it ( we had to order it again.
So ofcourse, one of my friend came up to change the beef burger to something else because we honestly never seen a burger like that being served in a place like Favorit, WITH THE PRICE OF £6.70. (MacDonald can do so much better). The man who called himself the chef impolitely replied that the beef burger is properly done while pointing at the little electric griller which is used to grill the frozen burger meat.
He also ask my friend to respect him as he respects us as his customers. Yes we would if we get served the acceptable food, not get fooled around

1. Anton Ego15 May 2011, 9:30pm1 star Favorit Report

Favorit revels in the unique quality of being open until 3am on Fri and Sat - a definite boon in a city where most pubs close at 12.30 and the promise of a snack, bite, pot of peppermint tea, beer or even a cocktail is a close pull and a great way to end an evening.

A couple of friends and I turned up on a Fri evening around 1 o'clock in the morning and ordered cocktails and food which were all, unfortunately, disappointing and over-priced.

My cocktail, a mojito, had very little rum and mint in it and was washed with the flavour of lime cordial - this cost me £4.
I ordered a cheese burger for £6.70 which consisted of a greasy bun with a frozen-type burger, a small portion of wedges and a rather lacklustre salad.

It was the type of quality I wouldn't even expect from a £5.95 2 for 1 pint and burger meal. I was quite disappointed and upon informing the waitress of my disappointment, she simply replied 'oh' and informed who I believe was the chef - a rather stressed looking man.

Edinburgh seems to suffer from a sense of over-importance and the ability to charge inflated prices for food which is, quite frankly, appalling.

I would recommend Favorit for the basics - pot of tea, pint of beer but until the kitchen changes, I would stay away from anything more complicated than nachos.

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