Buffalo Grill

Buffalo Grill
1 Raeburn Place, Edinburgh, EH4 1HU
  • Telephone 0131 332 3864
  • Food served Mon–Thu noon–2pm, 5.30–10pm; Fri noon–2.30pm, 5.30–10.30pm; Sat/Sun noon–4pm, Sat 5–10.30pm, Sun 5–10pm
  • Average price £12 (lunch); £18 (evening meal)
  • Website www.buffalogrill.co.uk
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The Buffalo Grill has been in business since 1986, which means they’re doing something right by anyone’s standards, let alone those of the ever-changing Edinburgh restaurant scene. Both the original in Chapel Street and a younger sister in Raeburn Place retain a cosy, lived-in feel and reliable menu which keep the regulars coming back, even if they do stick to what they know. As the name suggests, it’s heavy on steaks, burgers and other American favourites. The burger is generous with chargrilled bite; asking if you want it medium or well done is a nice if novel touch these days, and inspires confidence in the quality of ingredients. Lesser carnivores shouldn’t be put off as there’s a varied selection of chicken, fish and veggie dishes, with a lively jambalaya a highlight. It’s BYOB only at Chapel Street (don’t forget as it’s a bit of a walk to the off licence) while Raeburn Place is fully licensed. However that’s really the only difference between the two, both offering the same menu and friendly service come rain or shine.

  • High point: Neighbourhood restaurant that feels reassuringly familiar
  • Low point: A saucer-sized serving of nachos feels a little mean
  • Notable dish: Bacon & Swiss Melt Burger
  • Provides: Gluten-free options, Children's portions
  • Music on stereo: ecletic mix of chill out, jazz, rock/pop
  • Capacity: 45
  • Largest group: 24 (10 on Fri/Sat)
  • Open since: 1999
  • Number of wines sold by the glass: 8
  • House wine: £13 per bottle
  • BYOB: £1 corkage (wine only)

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9. John Perreur-Lloyd1 Sep 2014, 4:03pm2 stars Buffalo Grill Report

Beware of Buffalos and other kinds of beasts:

Third visit in as many months but now the Edinburgh festival was in full swing and so was this establishment. It is just that: one of the older restaurants in Edinburgh that has little changed for decades and for good reason.

It developed a management skill for providing consistent good quality steaks.

However on this occasion (Wednesday 13th August 2014) the quality vanished, the manager (Mr Mclaughlin) advised there was nothing wrong as "no one else had complained" and then threatened to get the police ? Of the four dishes ordered, two were eaten and paid for while two were rejected and not paid for though initially billed for.

Does Buffalo Grill need a New manager ? Just a manager would do ?

I wish I was a vegetarian. I could have avoided this debacle !

8. Fionnbar21 Mar 2013, 9:07pm Report

This place is amazing! The waitresses are excellent, super friendly, efficient and accommodating! The food was really good too! Will definitely be back! Plus its byob what more can you ask for!?
Absolutely loved it! 10 out of 10!!

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6. keitaiprincess12 Feb 2012, 6:31pm Report

Pretty hard to review somewhere when you're so discriminated against that the waitress stops you at the door and refuses entry because you have a child! She said they don't have a license for under fives, and therefore couldn't admit us. I have to say this has never happened to me in any other restaurant, and while I believe they are under no obligation to let you in if their license doesn't specify under fives, it certainly doesn't mean they legally can't admit you. It is all about house choice.

Don't bother if you have a young child, as you'll be turned away. Pretty shocking in this day and age, and extremely disappointing. Now I wouldn't give them business on principle!

5. lucinda12 Jun 2011, 6:28pm Report

visited this busy wee steak house for lunch on 9.6.11 waitress accidently gave our side dish of mushrooms to 2 girls at next table 1 girl tried a few mushrooms then the waitress realised her mistake and took the mushrooms from them,put them down on front bar area for a moment then brought same dish of mushrooms to me! i said i dont want them you gave them to other table, she took them through back. the same mushrooms got brought back to my table heated up the waitress said these are fresh ones they were for someone else but you can have them!! i waited on the someone elses mushrooms coming through a little later!! they never came through this waitress was determined i was getting the original side dish of mushrooms that was given to neighbouring table that the girl was sampling!!shabby treatment never set foot in the door again!!!!

4. Hot Food Dude7 Mar 2011, 9:37pm2 stars Buffalo Grill Report

Forced to sit at a window seat - should have just left at that point.

Burgers were very tasty but let down by the finely chopped, over-powering coriander garnish. What place has coriander on any burger?

Nasty cheese slices used on the cheese burger reminded us of McDonalds! Plastic-fantastic!

Service was average, a little work on the interpersonal skills might go a long way. Also refused to combine two menu favourites which they usually. How difficult is it to make a chilli-burger, really?

Anyway, to top it off the cheese burger was complete with a nice short dark hair. It wasn't curly so it was just cut out and put to the side of the plate. Disappointing.

Probably over priced but in a good location. Would expect better the next time, if we go back.

3. Leither818 Sep 2010, 5:23pm1 star Buffalo Grill Report

Poor, really poor. For starters, no buffalo...whats all that about, considering that it's in ample supply in Scotland? It's obvious this place trades on its location - not it's food. The owners must be putting all the profits into their bank account and not the grill! I had salomn fishcake -the 'special starter' - not great, not worth the price. The salad was iceberg lettuce with a sprig of watercress and cabbage - oh and some watery mustard as a dressing. Both our steaks were sent back. His, the teryaki, was burned on the outside bloody inside. No teryaki in sight. Overpriced, awful food, a real disappointment considering the lovely Avoca, Hectors and Saint just around the corner.

2. Fraze11 Jan 2010, 9:11pm4 stars Buffalo Grill Report

Been a couple of times now and both time have been really good. Nice staff and the chicken & chorizo was great.

1. Pjohn29 Dec 2009, 8:54pm Report

Decided to give this one a try on Christmas Eve lunchtime we where greeted at the door and offered a table for two by the door bearing in mind it was freezing that day we asked for a table further inside as there where around 6ish free tables but we where told that they for for 4 not 2 and we couldnt sit there !!! OK fine we about turned and left never to return
Seems like a great way to run a business????

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