Lanarkshire Larder and Lanarkshire Larder Food Map

Stretching across south-central Scotland from the Forth & Clyde Canal to the Border hills, Lanarkshire has one of the most diverse food landscapes in the country. The Lanarkshire Larder and its companion Food Map aim to paint a picture of the region's food and drink culture, from its rich history to the present day, as well as the plans being made for the future. It tells you about what’s being grown, reared and produced in the region, and just as importantly where to get hold of it, from farm shops and markets to contemporary cafés and restaurants.

The second edition of the Lanarkshire Larder was published in July 2018, and along with the Lanarkshire Larder Food Map, published in March 2016, provides listings of 120 food and drink venues across North and South Lanarkshire. Both publications form part of The Larder series of regional food guides, independently compiled to reflect the best of Scotland's contemporary food scene as guides to help you find, appreciate and enjoy great local food.

  • Our quick-fire Round Up of the region’s producers is a great place to start for an introductory overview.
  • The comprehensive Where to Eat guide includes cafés and ice cream parlours, restaurants and takeaways.
  • Need a good butcher? Where to Buy lists the best independent food and drink shops in Lanarkshire.
  • Local chefs tell you about their most trusted local suppliers.
  • Read the stories of the farmers, brewers, smokers, beekeepers and other small food and drink businesses that create the unique flavours of the region.

Discover what's buzzing in Strathaven, South Lanarkshire's food town.

Find out how North Lanarkshire butcher McDuff is making nose-to-tail eating available to Scottish diner.

Tour the area’s handy road-side farm shops.

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