The List's Food & Drink coverage: Further information

The List publishes market-leading digital and print guides. It provides a leading digital what's on guide for the UK with information on around 40,000 events with 600,000 performances at some 65,000 venues. The site attracts around 2 million unique users per month. For more than 30 years, it has produced an events guide in print covering Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as a range of city and festival guides.

Our Food and Drink site carries our own informed, up-to-date and independent reviews along with detailed listings, maps and links to restaurants. Any venue on our site can enrich its listings with images, further information, events listings and offers by following the 'Update this Place' link on the site.

In addition to independent coverage of places to eat including restaurants, bistros, cafés and bars in Edinburgh and Glasgow worth knowing about, offers comprehensive coverage of local food across Scotland, with producers, food shops, markets and restaurants. We publish regional food and drink guides and maps under our Larder imprint. The site is fully responsive serving the mobile user and has search functions by location, distance and category to help you locate nearby places.

Our flagship annual guide, The List Eating & Drinking Guide, is a full-colour publication in a handy A5 format and completely free with informed reviews of over 900 restaurants, bistros, cafés and bars, with separate editions for Edinburgh and Glasgow. Widely admired as the most reliable and informed local guide to eating out available, the 27th edition of the Eating & Drinking Guide will be published in April 2020 with a print run of 40,000 copies and an estimated readership of 280,000. It is on sale all year in principal bookshops, newsagents and other venues, as well as from our online shop. Our fair approach to reviewing:

Many restaurant guides only cover venues that pay to be included. Others oblige the venues included to take out advertising. Reviews and write-ups in such publications are often conducted by reviewers whose visit is prearranged and carefully orchestrated.

The List takes a different approach. Dining venues covered by our guide are chosen on merit and reviewed incognito, to ensure our experience is that of any other diner. No entry in the guide pays to be included, none are obliged to advertise and none are given sight of their review before publication.

We aim to review regularly – in Edinburgh & Glasgow the vast majority of venues are freshly reviewed each year by a different writer. Our reviewers and editorial team are experienced and knowledgeable diners, but they're not professional food inspectors. We look to provide an informed local's viewpoint, describing and explaining venues with useful context and background, as well as expressing unbiased and even-handed opinions.

Our visit to you:

We review places to eat for our food and drink coverage in the same way as List critics review plays, films or concerts. We ask each establishment to provide a review meal for two free of charge. The sample meal - a typical three-course meal, or equivalent - enables us to experience first hand, on behalf of our readers, the style and atmosphere of your establishment and to sample the quality of the menu and service. This arrangement has become well established for more than 25 years and works fairly for all concerned.

Our reviewers visit restaurants anonymously, usually booking in advance where applicable. We will not disclose our identity until the end of the meal when we will present the Review Meal Approval form to the waiter or waitress. We should then be billed for drinks only, not for the meal for two or for service (except in the case of bars or cafés, where two appropriate drinks are taken to form part of the complimentary meal). Following the meal we will also try to take the opportunity to interview you or a member of your management staff to ensure all facts we publish about your establishment (full address, opening hours, web address etc.) are correct.

Advertising & promotional opportunities through The List:

There is no charge to be included in List publications and no obligation to advertise: the editorial and advertising elements of the guide are not linked. However, given its prominence, popularity and highly targeted audience, the website and printed guides offer excellent opportunities for display advertising and other promotions. If you would like to know more about rates and other details, please call +44 131 550 3060 or visit

If you have any questions at all about our food and drink coverage, please contact the editors by calling +44 131 550 3050.