The Chocolate Larder Food Map

The Guide to the Chocolatiers of Scotland

Chocolate may not the first delicacy that springs to mind on mention of Scotland's thriving, innovative food landscape, yet from the Shetland Isles to the Borders, Scotland now boasts over 75 companies making chocolates and selling them to the public. From 'raw' to printable chocolate, via every imaginable flavour of truffle, cream, ganache and bar, locally made chocolate offers a trail of discovery to connoisseurs, an accessible and distinctive treat and a holiday momento as credible as fudge and tablet.

Almost every chocolatier included in the Chocolate Larder map makes their products entirely by hand, and though cacao is not, of course, grown within these shores, many go to lengths to use good quality and carefully sourced ingredients including Scottish cream, butter, raspberries, whisky and gin, or even foraged herbs and berries. The Scottish chocolate trail is a journey that can be made in person, with chocolatiers also operating shops, cafés and even acclaimed visitor centres devoted to their products, while many have online shops allowing you direct access to their products.

First published by The List in May 2014 and fully updated in a brand new second edition in December 2016, the fold-out map and accompanying online listings offer practical, detailed information that embraces the range of diversity of good quality chocolate available right across Scotland. It includes:

  • Lists of the chocolatiers that are open to visitors, and those that have cafés on site.
  • Businesses running chocolate courses, workshops and parties for children and/or adults.
  • Extended write ups on chocolate producers with detailed information including opening hours, links and individual location maps.

Also read about: the Perthshire chocolatiers supplying the high-profile chefs, the pioneering bean-to-bar approach of East Lothian's Chocolate Tree and the gourmet chocolate business in a dramatic Scottish location.

The Chocolate Larder Food Map is produced by The List in partnership with The Scottish Chocolatiers Network.

The List has been publishing food and drink guides to Scotland under The Larder banner since 2009. Alongside national titles, regional Larders to areas such as Fife, Perthshire, Aberdeenshire and Lanarkshire have been produced, each offering insightful, comprehensive and practical information on the local food scene, the people involved and the places you can find, buy and eat local produce.

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