Ayrshire Larder & Ayrshire Larder Food Map

As one of the most productive agricultural regions of Scotland, with its long coastline along the Firth of Clyde and a lush, attractive interior, Ayrshire is a landscape laden with food and drink. Rolling farmlands are dotted with the area’s famous dairy cows and fertile fields grow new potatoes or flavoursome herbs, while along the Firth of Clyde coastline fishermen haul in lobster, langoustine, crab and mackerel. Alongside the region’s famous golf courses, historic sites and grand buildings, Ayrshire and Arran is also dotted with farmhouse cheesemakers, bakers, beekeepers, market gardeners, brewers, chocolatiers and smokehouses. Local specialities include cured bacon and black pudding, ice-creams, farmhouse cheeses, ales and porters from micro-breweries and whiskies from the heart of Robert Burns country.

The Ayrshire Larder was published in spring 2015, with the Food Map in April 2018 providing listings of 120 venues across Ayrshire and Arran. Both publications form part of The Larder series of regional food guides, independently compiled to reflect the best of Scotland's contemporary food scene as guides to help you find, appreciate and enjoy great local food. Both publications guide you to the food grown, made, landed and reared in Ayrshire, and just as importantly where to find it, from local farm shops to contemporary restaurants.

The Ayrshire Larder publications have been developed by The List working in partnership with Ayrshire & Arran Tourism with support from East Ayrshire, North Ayrshire and South Ayrshire Councils. Further information was provided by and is available from the Ayrshire Food Network, which connects smaller-scale food producers and outlets across the region.

Online features include:

  • Our comprehensive Round-up of local producers is a great place to start for an introductory overview of the food and drink of Ayrshire and Arran
  • The Where to Eat guide rounds up the areas best cafés, bistros and restaurants.
  • Looking for a nearby farm shop or deli? Where to Buy lists the best independent food and drink shops across Ayrshire and Arran.
  • Local chefs tell you about their most trusted local suppliers.
  • Read the stories of the people who create the unique flavours of the region – the farmers, fishermen, fruit growers, curers, bakers and brewers.

'How now brown cow'
The brown-and-white Ayrshire cow is an iconic image of Scottish dairy. Find out more about the breed and its milk.

'Interview: Robin Gray of Robin's Herbs'
A small market garden near Whiting Bay on the island of Arran is supplying many of Scotland’s top restaurants with leaves, herbs and vegetables.

'Ayrshire early new potatoes thriving'
Ayrshire earlies are the newest of new potatoes each year, earning a place in the nations’ food hall of fame.

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Editorial selection:
The editorial content of all guides in The Larder series including the Ayrshire Larder is independently researched, written and produced by The List. As consumer-oriented guides to local food and drink, all the businesses and organisations covered are selected by The List on the basis of their editorial merit and relevance. No entry in The Larder’s national and regional guides pays to be included.