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Edinburgh & Glasgow Eating and Drinking Guide

Our flagship annual printed guide, The List Eating & Drinking Guide is a full-colour, A4, 176-page publication with informed reviews of over 900 restaurants, bistros, cafés and bars in Edinburgh and Glasgow. The guide also includes popular Hitlists and Tiplists featuring our top picks of the best eating and drinking spots around the cities. Widely admired as the most reliable and comprehensive local guide to eating out available, the 26th edition of the Eating & Drinking Guide is published in April 2019 and on sale all year in principal bookshops, newsagents and other venues.

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The Larder

The excellence of whisky, beef and salmon shouldn’t mask all the other world-class food that’s grown, made or landed around Scotland. Game, cheese, bread, baking, fish, shellfish, smoked food, fruit, veg, chocolate, honey and beer – by telling the stories behind all this produce we’re able to shed some light on both the fascinating heritage of food production and the developing contemporary culture of food that can be uncovered in every part of Scotland.

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The Larder is also published in several regional editions:

The Aberdeenshire Larder

From its North Sea harbours to the mountain tops of Cairngorms National Park, Aberdeenshire embraces an impressive landscape of food. You can find Aberdeen Angus cattle grazing on the farmland where the breed was founded, as well as fields of grains and fruit. Among forests and heather-covered uplands there’s wild game; fly-fishermen talk reverentially of some of the country’s finest beats; and the coastline contains the UK’s most significant fishing ports, with fishmarkets trading deep-water catches.

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The Angus Larder

Angus food and drink is on the move. In recent years this fertile patch of farmland, hill and coastline in northeast Scotland has found its voice in celebrating the produce it can call its own, from recipes and production methods handed down through generations to exciting new innovations and dynamic food enterprises. The new third edition of the Angus Larder showcases the pride of the region’s produce and culinary scene, introducing ‘52 Great Foods from Angus’ – representatives of the best local food and drink from Arbroath smokies to potato vodka, Forfar bridies to honeyberries, as well as some inspiring ways to use local produce provided by local chefs, cooks and food champions.

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The Ayrshire Larder and Ayrshire Larder Food Map

As one of the most productive agricultural regions of Scotland, with its long coastline along the Firth of Clyde and a lush, attractive interior, Ayrshire is a landscape laden with food and drink. Rolling farmlands are dotted with the area’s famous dairy cows and fertile fields grow new potatoes or flavoursome herbs, while along the Firth of Clyde coastline fishermen haul in lobster, langoustine, crab and mackerel. Alongside the region’s famous golf courses, historic sites and grand buildings, Ayrshire and Arran is also dotted with farmhouse cheesemakers, bakers, beekeepers, market gardeners, brewers, chocolatiers and smokehouses.

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The Cairngorms Larder

Dramatic, rugged and wild – the nature of the landscape nurtured in the Cairngorms National Park is reflected in the riches of food and drink within. Few regions in Scotland encapsulate the traditional cuisine of the country so well: venison from deer that range the hills, beef from Highland cattle and hardy rare-breeds, salmon and trout from mountain rivers and whisky from age-old distilleries.

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The Chocolate Larder

First published by The List in May 2014, the map has been independently compiled to include a comprehensive a list of the people and companies making and selling chocolates in Scotland. However you travel, the map proves there is sweet treasure to be found in all corners of the country.

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The Dundee Larder

Dundee’s food and drink scene is transforming at a dynamic pace. Contemporary restaurants and enterprising bistros sit alongside cool coffee houses, tasteful cafés, craft beer bars and good food shops. From indy cafés to stylish diners, go-ahead greengrocers to brilliant bakers, we’ve tried to capture the flavours of the city.

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The Fife Larder

Described by James VI as ‘a beggar’s mantle fringed with gold’, Fife has always been a place of hidden treasures. Rich in entrepreneurial spirit, Fife has start-up breweries and families who have been hand-making ice cream for generations; Scotland’s oldest deer farm and its first chilli grower.

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The Glasgow Larder

With coffee roasters, bakers, beekeepers and distillers working alongside young chefs and enterprising restaurateurs, Glasgow’s food scene is exciting, diverse and ever-expanding. The Glasgow Larder captures the vibrant contemporary food scene in stories, images, tips and insights, helping you to discover the flavours of the city through the best shops, cafes, restaurants and venues.

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The Lanarkshire Larder

Stretching across south-central Scotland from the Forth & Clyde Canal to the Border hills, Lanarkshire has one of the most diverse food landscapes in the country. The Lanarkshire Larder aims to paint a picture of the region's food and drink culture, from its rich history to the present day, as well as the plans being made for the future.

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The North Highland Larder

The North Highlands of Scotland – the area of mainland north of Inverness and Skye – encompass fertile farmland, marginal crofting and game estates; deep-water fish ports and tiny inlets for creel fishermen and scallop divers. This guide aims to tell the story of the food and drink of this diverse region in all its variety and practical detail.

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The Perthshire Larder

From the shores of Loch Leven to the heather-hued uplands of the southern Highlands, Perthshire is a region with deep traditions of good food and drink. From the days of the cattle drovers and the first whisky distilleries to ground-breaking innovations in crop research, food and drink has a place not just in the agriculture and business of Perthshire, but also its culture. The area has nurtured a number of Scotland’s top chefs and led to the rebirth of the country’s farmers’ markets over a decade ago, providing a vital showcase that has allowed local producers to flourish and grow.

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The Scottish Borders Food Journey

The heritage of farming, fishing and food production in the Scottish Borders is interwoven with landscape. It’s a land of rolling, sheep-covered hills, fertile fields in the lower valleys, historic market towns, enthusiastically fished rivers and sheltered harbours on the North Sea coast. This food journey is a guide to the food and drink that belongs to the Scottish Borders.

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