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Active environmentalists in Scotland

14 May 2010

Marian MacDonald Chief Executive, Garvald Community Enterprises Ltd, The Engine Shed The Engine Shed is a charitable company that helps young people with learning disabilities learn skills in a real work environment, and supports their move into…

Inside story from a recycling plant

29 Apr 2010

Wasting time

In part two of our green coverage, Paul Dale makes a visit to an Edinburgh recycling plant

Ethical holidays, ecotourism and green travel

29 Apr 2010

There’s more to being a green traveller than cutting down on carbon-oozing flights. Where you stay is also important. Using hotel TVs, DVD players, minibars, air con and gyms and demanding that sheets are changed every day comes at an environmental…

A guide to green vegetables

21 Apr 2010

Historic records indicate that we once ate food fresh from places near where we lived, such as back gardens and local farms, thus cutting down on the need to transport food across the globe and avoiding chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Here’s a…

Growing your own veg not just for the green-fingered

21 Apr 2010

The Editor's green blog

It's weekend catch-up time on the Green Blog, and yes, it did get dirty over the last few days. On Saturday I wandered, blinking, into the sunlight of my back-yard to see what I might be able to cultivate for myself. I was pleased to find that I…

Booze-free, bus-free, bottle-free green living

16 Apr 2010

The Editor's green blog

Going green is a process in stages. I am currently still just starting out in my efforts to be a more planet-conscious human, though my first steps are significant ones. The most significant of which are the steps I now take to my work instead of…