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The food and drink of Lanarkshire

11 Oct 2018

A round-up of what's grown, reared, made and brewed in the Scottish region

Further details on the businesses with their own retail outlets can be found listed in the Where to Buy section of this guide. Fruit & Veg. Lanarkshire's fruit cultivation may be a shadow of what it once was, but there are encouraging signs of the…

Best places to go fruit picking in Scotland this summer

21 Jun 2017

Fruit picking season is here so stock up on strawberries, raspberries and more at these 'pick your own' fruit and veg farms from Edinburgh the Borders, Perth to the Highlands

Many people think fruit growing in Scotland is more hassle than it's worth. With harsh winters and summer temperatures that are far from tropical – the climate can be challenging for growing berries and other fruits. Yet the dozens of fruit farms across…

Potential health benefits of blueberries explored

12 May 2017

How Angus blueberries are helping fight dementia and diabetes across Scotland

Research at The Rowett Institute for Nutrition and Health in Scotland has found that drinking a concentrated berry extract could contribute to the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes. In the US, the University of Cincinatti found the fruit…

Table Talk Jan Mctaggart and Carole Sommerville on the joy of seasonal fruits

15 Sep 2015

Summer fruit bounty feels like Christmas come early

Summer berries are the best thing about living where we are. One of the farmers who comes in was saying it’s all going full circle and that people really want to know what they’re putting in their body and where it has come from. The lovely thing about…

A guide to the best food in Perthshire

15 Nov 2013

Finding the best cafes, restaurants, bakeries and suppliers in Perthshire Scotland

Further details on the businesses with their own retail outlets can be found listed in the Where to Buy section of this guide. Fruit & Veg Perthshire’s famously fertile soil is historically strong on fruit. Growers mainly grow soft fruit both for…

The Perthshire fruit winery that operates by its own rules

15 Nov 2013

Produce from unconventional Cairn O’Mohr stocked in Jenners and Balmoral Castle

‘It all started in the late 80s when a friend gave me a book about fruit wines,’ recounts Ron Gillies, who runs Cairn o’ Mohr with his wife Judith. ‘I was into making herbal teas and was always out picking things. At first we just made it for ourselves.

Why the landscape of Perthshire makes for ideal raspberry-growing conditions

15 Nov 2013

The fruitfarms around Blairgowrie are among the best in Scotland

In France, they talk about ‘terroir’, the unique interplay of climate, soil, tradition, and human touch that gives a region’s products its very distinctive identity. But as Perthshire’s famed raspberries prove, that ‘terroir’ is never quite set in…

Clyde Valley Orchards seek to preserve apple-growing tradition in Scotland

9 Sep 2013

Lanarkshire group run hands-on classes and annual Smallholders Festival

They say in Vietnam that when you eat an apple, you should think of the person who planted the tree. Well, think of (and thank) the Cistercian monks who first took advantage of the benign climate and fertile soils of the Clyde Valley, planting orchards…

The Lanarkshire nursery leading strawberry growing in Scotland

9 Sep 2013

Richland Nurseries in Cleghorn produce year-round harvest of Elsanta variety

John Hannah’s family have grown soft fruit at Cleghorn’s Richland Nurseries since 1938, but now John and his wife Louise are the Clyde Valley’s only remaining strawberry growers. They produce both spring and autumn crops of the all-rounder Elsanta…

The wild foods and foraging to be found in Scotland's woods

2 Jul 2013

Wild foods, once a common means of seasonal sustenance, are enjoying a renaissance in Scotland

Expansive views and dramatic, panoramic vistas of the snowy hills are usually what the tourists come to the Cairngorms National Park to see. ‘If you suggest they go for a walk in the woods, they say, “Why would I do that?” They see trees as an…

The soft fruits produced in the harsh conditions of the Scottish Cairngorms

2 Jul 2013

Combatting unforgiving weather and lack of sunlight for our tastebuds' delight

Growing soft fruits in the oft unforgiving conditions of the Cairngorms is no easy task. The harsh weather and paucity of sunlight at crucial times means even the hardiest varieties struggle without intensive care. Alvie Gardens is a rarity in the…

A guide to soft fruit growers of Scotland's North East

2 Jul 2013

Aberdeenshire’s climate and soil are the perfect match for growing soft fruit and berries

Soft fruits are not only sweet in taste but also in success. Scottish-grown soft fruits have become a booming agricultural business over the past ten years, with raspberry sales alone bringing £12 million to the country’s economy. This in many ways can…

Chef's choice: Craig Wilson on Barra Berries

2 Jul 2013

Chef and owner at Eat on The Green on the best raspberries

I love Scottish raspberries when they’re in season, and we’re so lucky to get ours from Barra Berries just four miles down the road. When they are in season, I’m happy to use their raspberries in all parts of the menu, from champagne & crushed…

An overview of the food and drink of Angus

11 Jul 2012

Get an introduction to the region's menu with our round-up

From fruit and veg to whisky and beer, our round up will take you through Angus' larder. What to buy, where to buy it and who grows, rears, makes or lands it, this summary is a starting point for the region's food and drink.

Jam-making in north-east Scotland

9 Jul 2012

From cottage industry to worldwide companies, jam is big business in the north-east

With so much soft fruit grown in Angus, it is perhaps ironic that the region, or more accurately Dundee, is synonymous with marmalade made from a citrus fruit that would never grow in chilly Scottish groves.

Chefs' choices: Key chefs pay tribute to the food of Fife

10 May 2010

Praise for Anster cheese, Falkland beef and locally-grown fruit and veg

Geoffrey Smeddle on Anster Cheese Fife is hugely fortunate to have its own landmark cheese production farm, the St Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Company, home of Anster cheese. Ever since first tasting this traditional, unpasteurised cheese, we have always…

Orchards of Fife provide a bounty of fruit

10 May 2010

Pear, plum and apple among fruit grown in Fife, Scotland

There is a very rare pear tree in Newburgh, on the banks of the Tay estuary. Called the Lindores pear, it’s rooted in the twelfth-century world of Tironensian monks who founded Lindores Abbey just beside the town. The monks were responsible for the…

Berry good: the rise of the raspberry in Scotland, and the best places to pick your own

1 May 2009

David Pollock goes by Glen Clova and Glen Ample to discover why raspberries are Scotland’s superberry.