Give the gift of Christmas with Glayva

Give the gift of Christmas with Glayva

Glayva Bar at Edinburgh's Christmas

Ding dong merrily on high – the big day's getting closer and the big rush is well and truly on

You probably had an image in your head of what your December would look like. Your image probably involved a leisurely Sunday afternoon decorating the tree, while Christmas carols played softly in the background. There would be an elegant, sophisticated, yet fun Christmas night out or two. And the finishing touch would be a relaxing stroll along a quiet high street to carefully curate a handful of thoughtful Christmas presents which would be perfectly wrapped by charming sales assistants.

And then there's reality: over-scheduled, frazzled, a million things to do and no idea what to get anyone for Christmas. Us too. So why not take at least some of the pressure off your Christmas shopping this year and give the gift of Glayva?

Those clever little Christmas elves over at Glayva HQ have all your gift dilemmas sorted with their special limited edition Glayva and Coffee gift cartons. Each pack includes a festive bottle of gorgeous Glayva accompanied by a packet of Brodies ground Colombian filter coffee. The recipe is simple: brew coffee, add Glayva, relax and enjoy. The idea is to recreate the perfect serve of Glayva and Coffee in your own home – but if you're quick, you can still catch them at the Glayva pop-up bar at Edinburgh's Christmas on George Street until 24 December.

Give the gift of Christmas with Glayva

With its warm, spicy, Christmassy scent, honey notes and tangerine fragrance (remember when you used to get one stuffed in the toe of your stocking?) Glayva makes the perfect gift for everyone. And best of all, it's available in all major supermarkets so there's no need to make a special trip to town or stress about tracking some down. Just pop a box or two into your trolley the next time you're stocking up the Christmas cupboards – what could be easier?

Glayva celebrates its 70th birthday this year. Meaning 'very good' in Gaelic, it was first created in Leith in 1947, so what better way to celebrate this landmark birthday than with a very good (see what we did there?) gift this Christmas?

Have a merry Christmas and a very happy, very Glayva, New Year.

Visit the Glayva Bar at Edinburgh's Christmas, George Street, Edinburgh until 24 Dec 2017. Glayva and Coffee gift boxes are available at all major supermarkets.