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Mark Neville

Mark Neville

Visual Artist

I’ll eat anything but I’m not a good cook and so I avoid cooking and food publications at every turn. I only do one dish well, and it’s easy: a salad featuring mozzarella, mint, peaches, lime juice, olive oil, and prosciutto. I like to drink tap water with my meals, and when I go out for dinner I love fresh fish and cold white wine.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. My girlfriend Lynn is a florist who gets up at the crack of dawn to go to the market. So I have one breakfast with her, and another later on my own. I like to snack on shortbread, home-baked by my friend Annie MacDougall, who runs a farm single-handedly on Bute.

The one thing in my fridge that I couldn’t live without is soya milk, though I also still have an assortment of frozen animals, such as whole unskinned lambs and bunnies, donated by Bute farmers that I don’t eat but that appear in my Mount Stuart photographs.

Mark Neville’s exhibition, Fancy Pictures is on at Mount Stuart, Isle of Bute, until Tue 30 Sep. Please see next issue for review.

Mark Neville: Fancy Pictures

  • 4 stars

For this exhibition Neville has turned his lens to the grounds of Mount Stuart and Bute Farms. His 16mm film and audio-slide installation of still photographic work feature five, ultra slow-motion sequences of indigenous animal life, filmed in front of backdrops taken from 18th century portrait paintings by artists Sir…

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