Taste Test - Yoghurts

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  • 3 July 2008
Taste Test - Yoghurts

From top left to bottom right: Yeo Valley, Loseley, Rowan Glen, Rachel's, Longley Farm and La Fermiére

Yeo Valley ••••

Organic Strawberry Probiotic Yoghurt, 49p
From Somerset, Yeo are now one of the market leaders in organic yoghurts, delivering a noticeably creamy yet light, pleasant tasting product. The sweetness comes from the fruit, and while it’s not as luxurious as the more expensive brands it has an all-round, everyday attraction. Fat content is 3.6g – much lower and you’re into grim tasting low fat territory.

Loseley •••••

Rich & Creamy Raspberries & Jersey Cream, 79p
At the luxury end of the market, as betrayed by its attractive packaging in a glass jar, along with the promise of a serious helping of Jersey cream. The texture is rich, smooth and real, and there’s a true taste of fruit here – even a bit of crunch from the raspberry seeds – rather than just a flavour or afterthought. On flavour alone, the undoubted winner.

Rowan Glen •

Low Fat Bio Strawberry, 45p per 125g pot
This one’s made in Scotland, so we wanted to be loyal, but it wasn’t shaping up. As the taste test overall showed, low fat yoghurts struggle. This was a bit thin, more jellied than creamy in its consistency, and the sweetness was all wrong: too much at the start, and sweetener on the aftertaste. Only 1.7g of fat, but at what cost? Long ingredients list too.

Rachel’s ••

Organic Luscious Low Fat Bio-live Raspberry, 65p
Another prominent brand: the ‘bio-live’ bit is another way of saying it has gut-friendly bacteria (‘bio’ and ‘probiotic’ are trying to say the same thing). However, this has an unconvincing sweetness, a runnier consistency and that sense of something that’s overprocessed. The message seems to be that low-fat will never be top of the pots.

Longley Farm ••••

Blackcurrant Yoghurt, 37p
Yoghurt’s a pretty simple thing, so it’s refreshing to discover a brand for which simplicity remains a virtue. This one has just three ingredients (yoghurt, blackcurrants and sugar) and the packaging is refined and down-to-earth, but at an extremely reasonable price it delivers a smooth, tangy taste, rich colour from the fruit and plenty of flavour. It’s from Yorkshire. No mucking about.

La Fermière ••

Le Yaourt Strawberry & Gooseberry, 89p
Another luxury brand – complete with earthenware pot, this time from France. The style is different, with set rather than smooth yoghurt, and fruit puree at the bottom of the pot rather than blended in. The sweetened fruit and tart yoghurt contrast is key – you either like it or hate it – but it does make it more like a pudding. At 6.4g it has the highest fat content on test.

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