Six perfect herbal teas to keep you warm this autumn

Six herbal teas to keep you warm this autumn

JING tea

Swap your coffee for tea infused with rosebuds, caramel or gin

Gone are the days when you'd only find herbal tea at the one health food store in town. We've become increasingly aware of how damaging it is to drink too much caffeine and are constantly being told to get our daily dose of vitamins and nutrients. As a result, herbal drinks taken over the tea aisle in supermarkets and there are a number of companies selling their teas online.

Whether you're after a herbal tea to ease insomnia, clear your skin or settle a sore tum, we've picked out some of our favourites to keep you fit and healthy this autumn.

Clipper Snore and Peace

If you're in need of a good night's sleep, Snore and Peace is just the ticket; packed full of organic chamomile, lemon balm, calming lavender infusion and absolutely nothing artificial. As well as improving the welfare of workers, Clipper strives to preserve the natural balance of the environment and protect the wildlife.
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JING Whole Rosebuds

After JING's founder Edward Eisler experienced the quality of tea production in Asia and the ceremonies and traditions behind tea drinking, he decided to create his own blend to share his experiences with others. In Whole Rosebuds the delicate taste of rose is balanced with a soft undertow of pressed leaf.
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Just a reminder to enter our competition with @therealflowerco for deluxe roses and a complete two cup teapot set for two (link in profile). Pictured here, @freyadowson enjoys a whole rosebud infusion with a Romantic Antike Rose grown in the Real Flower company's Hampshire farm. What better way to celebrate the peak of the English rose season? Thanks, Freya.

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Eteaket Isle of Harris Gin Tea

Edinburgh's Eteaket leaf tea experts have teamed up with Isle of Harris gin, using the botanicals found in the spirit to create a unique herbal caffeine (and alcohol) free blend. Juniper, coriander, angelica root, orange peel, liquorice root, cassia bark all help to give the tea it's distinct flavour, as well as sugar kelp which is hand harvested by a local diver.
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Teapigs Rooibos creme caramel

This 'skinny dessert' is naturally caffeine free and the chunks of caramel quickly sort out any sugar cravings with just two calories per cup. Teapigs recommend drinking it with milk or a spoonful of crème fraîche. They call their teabags 'temples', because their teas are worthy of worship, so they're worth a try for that alone.
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Pukka Original Chai

Pukka are so dedicated to herbal teas that they have a whole family of them; Energy, Digestif, Turmeric, Cleansing, Immunity, Relax and Women's. They believe 'a healthy world means a healthy you' so source the highest quality organic ingredients to reduce their carbon fooetprint. For a tea to warm the soul, try their Organic Chai which is an exotic blend of ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and liquorice.
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Heath and Heather Apple and Cinnamon

This award winning tea company was founded by brothers Samuel and James Ryder in 1920 after they'd studied the medicinal qualities of English herbs. For their 100% natural Apple and Cinnamon tea they source the ancient spice from the inner bark of Cinnamomum trees which gives the blend its distinct sweetness.
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Make a splash at tea time. Try our enticingly sweet Apple & Cinnamon blend.

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