Sugar rush

Two of 52: Sugar Rush

How White Rose and Star Rock are catering to the sweet teeth of Angus

Marshmallows are making a comeback thanks to Angus's answer to Willy Wonka. White Rose Confectionary in Arbroath is making strawberry and bramble mallows out of local Scottish berries, and other tempting flavours such as butterscotch with white chocolate, and rose.

The conventional pink and white marshmallows in the shops have got a bad name in recent years for being sickly-sweet, bland and boring. But homemade marshmallows can be fluffy and sweet with a satisfying bite. Get this new take on a classic treat at the White Rose sweet shop, farmers' markets, farm shops and local delicatessens.

In contrast, Star Rock has never gone away. Tucked into a narrow back street in the heart of Kirriemuir, the Star Rock shop was established in 1833 by Brechin man David Fergusson as a way of making money after he lost his sight.

These days the shop sells all sorts of sweeties, new and old, but what it's named for is a very particular old-fashioned hard boiling still made in the shop. Lemon flavoured, golden-hued and faintly stripey, the sweet is called Star Rock for the star patterns that appear when the long, thin strands are cut or broken. It's sold in bunches of half a dozen four-inch-long fingers in simple, paper-wrapped packages.

A The Star Rock Shop
25 Roods, Kirriemuir, Angus, DD8 4EZ
If you want to find out what sweet things Queen Mary and Peter Pan author JM Barrie once indulged in, then the Star Rock Shop is a must visit. Since it opened in 1833, the shop and its most famous sweetie have changed remarkably little. The tempting…
B White Rose Confectionary
25 High Street, Arbroath, Angus, DD11 1BE
Marshmallows made by hand and flavoured with local fruits.