It's time Duroc

It's time Duroc

The Batchelors are maintaining the quality of the pork at longstanding Arbroath butcher Fleming's

When long-standing Arbroath butcher Fleming's was sold in 2014 after a nearly 90-year history of family ownership, it was bought by new proprietors with a keen understanding of what it is to be in the Angus meat trade. Father and son team Mark and Guthrie Batchelor have been farming pigs on the east coast since 1990, and a lowering in supermarket demand inspired their move into operating a local outlet. Their pigs are Durocs – a hardy breed with a winter coat which they shed in the summer – crossed with the popular Large White.

The Batchelor's farm maintains a strong focus on animal welfare, so their pigs are free to roam and grow. They are then bedded down on straw and fed barley which is all naturally grown on the farm. The SSPCA regularly visit and Quality Meat Scotland have given their seal of approval, meaning the quality of Fleming's pork products is up there with that of their locally renowned steak and gravy pie. The Batchelors also supply Hamish's Hogs, a local travelling hog roast business which caters to local festivals and food shows, as well as events such as the recent Seniors Golf Open at Carnoustie.


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