Two of 52: Putting the Oats in Oatcakes

Two of 52: Putting the Oats in Oatcakes

Meet the East of Scotland's cereal celebrities: Aberfeldy Oatmeal and Barry Bannocks

The standard bearer for Angus oats is Aberfeldy Oatmeal, a business that retains the spirit of the Perthshire town's Watermill.

After it ceased operation in 2000, production moved to Kelso Mills in Fife, closer to where the majority of oats are grown in Scotland, and has continued there since Sandy Gray of Milton Haugh at Carmyllie, by Arbroath, bought the business in 2012.

Grades from fine oatmeal to porridge oats to pinhead can be bought from farm shops and online, and are prized by bakeries across Scotland and the UK.

Angus institution JM Bakery in Carnoustie, known locally as 'The JM', uses Aberfeldy oats in their famous Barry Bannocks. This handmade oatcake, produced to a 50-year-old recipe, is named after nearby Barry Mill, a Category A-listed oat mill now owned and operated by the National Trust for Scotland as an educational tourist attraction. The rustic oatcakes are made with locally sourced ingredients, and have a crumbly short texture that makes them great with cheese, or just on their own.