A gin for all the Angus seasons

A gin for all the Angus seasons

The Gin Bothy in Lintrathen is producing an artisan gin infused with local fruits

The Gin Bothy at Peel Farm in Lintrathen has tapped into the gin renaissance while concocting a range of infused gins that harmonise with the Angus seasons.

'We get 96 per cent of our fruit within 25 miles of here – that's the joy of freezing,' explains Kim Cameron, the Gin Bothy's distiller and master of infusions. 'We freeze fruit in huge amounts to ensure each batch has consistency in taste and the same alcohol content, as different water content in fruit affects the final ABV.'

Some infusions are more at the mercy of the seasons than others. 'Strawberry we do in June and July, Blueberry in September. We grow chillies, which are ready around October,' explains Cameron. 'Our Raspberry and Rhubarb versions we can do year-round thanks to polytunnels.'

After initially buying in base spirit, the Gin Bothy now produces its own full-strength gin. And despite its success, it remains as artisan as the name suggests. 'It's all done by hand,' Cameron affirms. 'The fruit syrups for the infusions I make in big pots over the hob. We did around 30,000 bottles last year – so that's a fair bit of stirring.'