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Wendy Barrie

Wendy Barrie

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Breakfast is always the most important meal of the day. If unhurried (rarely), and in the right setting it is also my favourite meal of the day. In fact, Brodies breakfast tea is my favourite non-alcoholic drink.

The most important ingredient for a great dinner is without doubt the guests. When it comes to the food, the one thing in my fridge I couldn’t live without is a good selection of Scottish cheeses. For me it’s like having a culinary Swiss army knife to hand for all eventualities. I don’t have a signature dish as such, but our First Minister did ask me for my recipe for Cullen Skink.

In between meals there’s nothing I like better to snack on than Scottish tomatoes, and the one type of food I would avoid at all costs is things like nuggets and twizzlers.

What do I particularly look for in a great eating out experience? The provenance of foods and a friendly smile.

Wendy Barrie has put together the programme of demos and advice by over 100 Scottish companies for the Scottish Food & Drink Theatre at this year’s Royal Highland Show, Ingleston, Edinburgh, Thu 19–Sun 22 Jun.

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