Meet the new kids on the Angus meat scene

Meet the new kids on the Angus meat scene

Goaty McGoatface

Terraweena UK and Newton of Fothringham Farm are breeding goats to eat

The Boer is the only goat bred specifically for meat, as goats traditionally are a by-product of the milk and fibre industries. 'The demand for goat meat is there,' confirms Geof Burnett-Smith of Terraweena UK goat stud near Letham Grange, north of Arbroath. 'We just need more breeders.' One local farmer wants to exchange his entire sheep flock for 1500 goats, 'as fast as I can get them to him', says Burnett-Smith.

Commercially, goats are productive. They wean more twins, can be brought to market more quickly and fetch a better price. 'There is huge interest, not just from communities who traditionally eat goat meat but from those concerned with healthy eating and provenance.' Goat is the leanest red meat, with low cholesterol levels, and suits the 'low and slow' cooking of curries and stews.

At Newton of Fothringham Farm by Inverarity, Louise Nicoll recently bought a breeding herd of 15 Boers. The first meat sold in 2016, so quickly they didn't get to keep any themselves. Like the Burnett-Smiths, she sells directly and through Fresh Food Express, saying: 'We're keen to keep to the local market, we see this very much as an Angus product.'