Best pubs and bars in Stockbridge

Best bars in Stockbridge

Good Brothers Wine Bar

This stylish quarter in North Edinburgh is one of the city's best places for wine bars and cocktails


Stockbridge has its classic bars, but recently it has become the epicentre of Edinburgh's wine bar reinvention. Leave those connotations at the door - where once there were stockbrokers, now there's music, wine-and-cheese flights and charcuterie, and the mobile phones are a lot smaller.

Good Brothers Wine Bar
4–6 Dean Street, EH4 1LW
Charming new addition to the Stockbridge scene with good food and even better wine. | read our review of Good Brothers Wine Bar

47–49 Deanhaugh Street, EH4 1LR
This well-established staple offers a little something for everyone without spreading itself too thin. | read our review of Hector's

108 Raeburn Place, EH4 1HH
Pocket-sized and convivial wine bar serving quality international tapas and Sunday roasts. | read our review of Rollo

Smith & Gertrude
26 Hamilton Place, EH3 5AU
Quality music, cheese, charcuterie and wine at this laid-back reinvention of the contemporary wine bar. | read our review of Smith & Gertrude

The Last Word Saloon
44 St Stephen Street, EH3 5AL
This candlelit, sheepskin-lined basement bar serves excellent and unusual cocktails by the fireside. | read our review of The Last Word Saloon

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Eating & Drinking Guide 2017/18

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