Edinburgh International Science Festival 2017: our seven favourite events for food lovers

Edinburgh International Science Festival 2017: Our seven favourite events for food lovers

The Burger Evolution

From talks questioning the importance of food expiry dates to a multi-sensory screening of Gattaca

As creatures of habit we often fall into a monotonous routine of cooking on a weekly rotation, eating at the same restaurants and never venturing outside of our culinary comfort zones. But, with the food and drink strand playing a major role at the Edinburgh International Science Festival 2017, what better time to explore food and drink as something more?

This year's programme is centred around events encouraging people to Get Connected, a theme which aims to support sustainability. Amongst 270 events in 29 venues, there's plenty of opportunity to investigate the role that gastronomy plays in building a sustainable future. Here are some events in the food strand that we're looking forward to the most.

Food Expiry Dates: What to Believe?
How much do expiry dates really matter? Despite attempts by some supermarkets to donate unsold food to charity, there's still 10 million tonnes of food waste across the UK. This panel session with Solveiga Pakstaite, inventor of a bio-reactive food expiry label, explores how technology may be able to reduce waste.
Thu 6 Apr, Main Hall, Summerhall.

Harvesting for Health
Over at the Botanics they're looking at how the bugs in your gut harvest the good stuff from what you eat. After learning about foods that are good for you and the environment, there's the chance to take part in a game of guts and bugs or make a placemat.
Mon 10–Tue 11 Apr, John Hope Gateway, Royal Botanic Garden.

The Burger Evolution
Join sensory expert Professor Charles Spence, chef and scientist Charles Michel and Ben Reade from the Edinburgh Food Studio as they explore the journey of the hamburger. Sample a variety of flavours at the pop up burger bar.
Fri 7 Apr, Summerhall.

Watch and Wolf: Gattaca
Jelly & Gin return with their multi-sensory edible adventures, this time with a screening of the cult classic sci-fi film Gattaca. After receiving a welcome drink and a mysterious box with numbered packages filled with food, drink and aromas inspired by the narrative, take a seat and wait for the signal to open each one.
Fri 7 Apr, Summerhall.

The Ethical Carnivore: My Year of Killing to Eat
Could you kill everything you eat? Well Louise Gray spent a year doing so after she was fed up of her friends claiming to care about where their meat came from. Here, she shares her story and talks about the shocking reality of how our meat is often reared and slaughtered.
Sun 9 Apr, Summerhall.

What is Wellness: The Pursuit of Eating Clean
Changing attitudes to food have meant more people are trying to 'eat clean' in pursuit of wellness. Lecturer in nutrition and dietetics at King's College London, Sophie Medlin discusses how beneficial 'clean eating' is and why it's so expensive.
Mon 10 Apr, Summerhall.

Distilling Live!
David Wilkinson, head distiller at Edinburgh Gin talks through the science of distillation. After a live distillation using recipes crowd-sourced over social media, there's a tutored tasting of the Edinburgh Gin range as well as the chance to sample gins distilled on the night. Other tasting events include Cheeseology and How Beer Made Science History.
Sat 8 Apr, Edinburgh Gin Distillery.

Edinburgh Science Festival

Hands-on science for families in venues across the city with a programme ranging from the entertaining to the controversial and, of course, the icky.

The Burger Evolution

Join us at our pop-up burger bar to taste the past, present and future of this classic and much-loved sandwich. From humble beginnings, the burger has evolved into our favourite handheld meal. Join sensory expert Prof Charles Spence, chef and scientist Charles Michel and Ben Reade from the Edinburgh Food Studio to sample…

Food Expiry Dates: what to believe?

Many supermarkets in the UK now to donate any unsold food to charity, but huge quantities of food are thrown out in homes, businesses and stores each day for being past it's sell by date. In fact as a country we produce about 10 million tonnes of food waste each year. But should we believe the dates on food labels and…

What is Wellness? The Pursuit of Eating Clean

People's attitudes to food have changed in recent years with a desire to eat clean in the pursuit of wellness, but are all these changes really good for us? And why are all the alternatives so expensive? Join lecturer in nutrition and dietetics and freelance dietitian Sophie Medlin of King's College London as we learn the…

Distilling Live!

Edinburgh Gin is celebrating the Science Festival with a live distillation event to produce of three gins using recipes crowd-sourced from social media. Join us for an evening hosted by David Wilkinson, Head Distiller at Edinburgh Gin, who will give a comprehensive overview of the science of distillation. This exciting…

The Ethical Carnivore, My Year of Killing to Eat

Fed up of friends claiming to care about where their meat comes from, Louise Gray took the argument to its logical extreme in an attempt to become an ethical carnivore, eating only animals she had killed herself. From shucking oysters to shooting a red deer, join her as she shares her year-long adventure while examining…

Harvesting for Health

Explore how the bugs in your gut harvest the good stuff from your food, and discover what foods are good for your heart, gut and the environment. Then take your chance in a game of guts and bugs, make a placemat or try some of the tasty treats on offer. All Ages

Watch and Wolf: Gattaca

Join edible experience innovators Jelly & Gin for a multi-sensory screening of cult classic science fiction film Gattaca. On arrival, you’ll receive a welcome drink and a box with numbered packages of bite-sized food, drinks and aromas inspired by the narrative. Our special host Mister Wolf will signal when to open…