Scotland's top chefs share their Christmas food tips

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  • 12 December 2016
Scotland's best chefs share their Christmas food tips

Mario Ghelardi

Ideas to liven up your festive food repetoire

We asked some chefs and restaurateurs from Edinburgh and Glasgow for some top tips when it comes to food and drink at Christmas. Here are eight ideas to tuck away for the Festival season.

Claudio Celino of Celinos, Glasgow
Don't miss out on panettone, a traditional sweet bread with candied peel and raisins made with pounds of butter, so bring it to room temperature and get your fingers sticky.

Paul Ross of Dram & Smoke (pop-up, London and Edinburgh)
I find turkey a bit dull. Give me a goose any day, more difficult to cook but so much more delicious when you get it right!

Robbie Meldrum of Harvey Nichols Forth Floor, Edinburgh
Instead of brussels sprouts I go for tender stem broccoli, blanched with a squeeze of lemon juice and sprinkled with rock salt. However, my top tip for brussels sprouts is to pan-fry them and add a bit of cream before finishing with generous shavings of nutmeg.

Cesar Garcia, Head Chef at Iberica, Glasgow
The best option for making Christmas Day less stressful is to do something you can prepare ahead. My mum's fish soup is made the day before and left to rest: it takes more flavour and you just need to heat it up and serve.

Alison Simpson of the Red Bus Bistro, Edinburgh
I would replace Christmas pudding with a raspberry champagne jelly accompanied with lemon flavoured chantilly cream.

Gilly Macpherson, Owner of Urban Angel, Edinburgh
I love winter food, especially those comforting spice smells around the house as we make Christmas treats with the kids. We make an incredible spiced, warmed Thistly Cross cider in Urban Angel, which has kept many a tourist cosy throughout Edinburgh's winter festivals.

Scott Parker, Chef at Steak, Edinburgh
Instead of replacing them, I try to improve the use of a certain item, brussels sprouts. Most people boil them like mini cabbages but they can be great if you pan fry them with smoked bacon and maple along with some crushed pecans.

Mario Ghelardi, Chef at Steak on Stones, Edinburgh
December for me means chestnuts; the smell of roasted chestnuts in a fire place is something that makes me feel extremely Christmassy and encourages me to embrace the holiday season.