Great Spanish dishes according to a Michelin-star chef

Great Spanish dishes according to a Michelin-star chef

Team Ibérica, Nacho Manzano (centre right)

Executive head chef Nacho Manzano reveals his homeland's finest recipes

Spain is fantastic for food. Eating is like a cult over there, but of course, with so many regions, dishes vary hugely from place to place. For example, on the Cantabria coast, in the north of Spain, the seafood is unique. The very cold water with deep areas close to the land creates a microclimate. You won't eat fish like that anywhere else in the world.

The Ibérica group has just opened a new resaurant in Glasgow and we caught up with executive head chef, Nacho Manzano, of the company's two-Michelin-star restaurant Casa Marcial in the region of Asturias in Northwest Spain, to discover his favourite Spanish dishes.

Fabada stew
An Asturian dish, this stew contains chorizo, beans, pork, and morcilla – Spain's version of black pudding. It's stodgy, but well-liked – fabada is very popular among local people.

Hake in green sauce
A fine, elegant fish with great flavour slow-cooked in parsley, garlic, chilli and cumin to create a green sauce. Add clams at the end and simmer until they open.

Roast milk-fed lamb
Take a fatty young lamb and cook in a wood-fired brick oven until charred and pink. Serve with a crisp, fresh salad consisting of lettuce, onion and tomato.

Valencian paella
The real deal – no chorizo here. Instead, use snails, vegetables, chicken and rabbit and cook over an open-fire to get a real taste of Valencia.

Seasonal sardines
A summer dish, the sardines should be bursting with salty, juicy flavour. Grill on a barbecue for a few minutes, just like my brother-in-law makes them in Asturias.

My mother's recipe, now passed down to me. The outer coat should have a crisp layer of crunchy breadcrumbs, while the béchamel sauce inside should ooze around jamon serrano.

Ibérica Glasgow opened in Glasgow in October 2016.


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