Taste Test - Chicken sandwiches

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  • 22 May 2008
Chicken sandwiches

From top left to bottom right: Fresssh, Where The Monkey Sleeps, Marks & Spencer, Prêt à Manger, Globe Deli and Café Renroc


51–53 Cochrane Street, Glasgow, £2.80 ••
Sweet chilli sauce gives this sandwich a bit of oomph – something it probably needed given the bland cubed chicken and plain bread. The fire in the chilli is under control, which is probably sensible for a lunchtime snack, and overall it’s a pleasant enough assembly.
Where’s the chicken from? ‘I’ve no idea,’ admitted the assistant.

Where The Monkey Sleeps

182 West Regent Street, Glasgow, £3.70 •••
The monkeys don’t do things by half measures: their ‘Stoofa’ is a crispy, hot panini with chicken, bacon, red onion, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and way too much dried sage. Good ingredients, a bold approach, but ultimately imbalanced.
Where’s the chicken from? All chicken is free range.

Marks & Spencer

Various locations, £3.25 ••
While neatly presented, as you’d expect, this product illustrates the limitations of a package deal from the chiller: industrial bread that’s not old but not fresh either, a bit too much mayo and salad that’s not as perky as it could be. Not great value, considering the cost.
Where’s the chicken from? Assured UK chicken.

Prêt à Manger

Various locations, £2.80 •••
A better effort from the pick’n’go stable, with a good balance of decent ingredients including ripe avocado and a nice mix of salad leaves, although the chicken lacks the succulent moistness that distinguishes good breast meat.
Where’s the chicken from? The packaging explains Pret’s Open Barn chicken sourcing policy although the staff seem unsure of what this is.

Globe Deli

42 Broughton Street, Edinburgh (also other Edinburgh locations), £2.25 ••••
Good bread gives any sandwich a head start and the seed-topped brown rolls at Globe are a winner. Integral to the sandwich’s success are the leaves: sufficient rocket to offer a real crunch and tang. Great taste and textures.
Where’s the chicken from? ‘Sorry, it’s not free range or organic.’

Café Renroc

91 Montgomery Street, Hillside, Edinburgh, £2.40 •••
Gets most of the basics right: chicken with a bit of taste, fresh salad, a well-judged quantity of mayo and a bit of sweetness to stir the whole thing up: in this case raw chopped pepper. Well-filled too, but let down by bread that’s just on the dry side.
Where’s the chicken from? ‘We ask our suppliers for free range.’

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