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Chris Cross

Chris Cross

Contortionist and escapologist

Because of my job, I need to keep fit and flexible. If I ate too many crisps, I wouldn’t fit into my straitjacket anymore. Breakfast is Weetabix Minis and a cup of green tea. I never eat fruit; I’m allergic to bananas, melons and strawberries. If I eat them my mouth gets all itchy and I get a bad throat, so I snack on yoghurts, or maybe a bar of Kinder Bueno chocolate.

Lunch is something healthy like Japanese noodles and beansprouts and if I’m feeling naughty, some Irn Bru afterwards. I absolutely love the stuff and have eight big plastic bottles in my garage in Newcastle right now. When I come to Scotland, I’m going to treat myself to a glass bottle.

I often eat out for dinner. The best baked potato shop in the world is in Edinburgh on Cockburn Street; they serve the biggest jacket potatoes around, and I love plain cheese on top. I don’t drink before a show as I’d feel all bloated and not in the mood for jumping around. But I’ll have a few pints and maybe some Jack Daniels on the rocks afterwards.

Chris is performing at Burlescapades! Springtime in Paris, Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, Sat 10 May.


Night of champagne, cocktails and burlesque from the UK's finest cabaret performers (including Miss Lily White and her spectacular 'Victorian Snow Queen' show, Fancy Chance, Colin McLeod and Ryan Styles) as they host their dazzling Midwinter Ball.

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