Best places for delicious hot dogs in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Yummiest hot dogs in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Where to get your chops round some amazing hot dogs

Do you only ever appreciate a good hot dog at the Christmas markets, when you succumb to the temptation of a sizzling Bratwurst, or, on that rare occasion at the cinema when you pay for one that costs the same price as your ticket? Well, luckily there’s a whole day dedicated to celebrating hot dogs, giving you a chance to try the huge variety that’s out there.

Burgers have had their glory, and we are now spoilt for choice across Scotland when it comes to burger bars. But more and more we see the humble hot dog creeping up on menus in new and exciting ways, turning our attention away from the mainstream burger. Here’s where to grab a tasty, gourmet dog in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Best Hot Dogs in Edinburgh

The Flying Dog
Down by the Shore, The Flying Dog is a former boozer and has been serving up serious hot dogs since 2013. With around 10 different types to feast your eyes on, including the ‘CCLASP’ – a dog with lettuce, pink sauce and prawns – there’s a hot dog for everyone.

Jeremiah’s Taproom
With over 16 taps pouring beer and lager from all over the world, Jeremiah’s could get away with just serving beer. However, after a pint or two, the extensive menu is a welcome extra. Amongst the list of burgers, fries, ribs and mac ‘n’ cheese is a smaller selection of simple hot dogs, topped with nothing too outrageous.

The Other Place
All about American comfort food, this friendly New York style restaurant serves hearty hot dogs and has a pretty impressive drinks list, too. Their original recipe of pork mince, venison mince, herbs and spices is used for all of their dogs. Look out for the ‘Scotdog’ topped with haggis and peppercorn sauce. When in Scotland, eh?

The Whistle Stop Barber Shop & Diner
This laid-back bar and restaurant on South Bridge has a knack for experimenting with food and drink, and doing a pretty darn good job. In terms of hot dogs, you have two options. Both are Bockwurst sausages, but one is a ‘Classic’ with sauerkraut, mustard and ketchup and the other a ‘Chilli Cheese Dog.’

Best Hot Dogs in Glasgow

Fire Dogs
Fire Dogs can be found dishing out their scrumptious gourmet hot dogs at a range of events around the country including The Pitt Market and the Loch Lomond Shores Farmer’s Market. They are mainly based in Glasgow and are easily identifiable in their fiery red Citroen street food truck. Burgers and dogs can be topped with cheese, onion, Fire Dog salsa, crispy bacon or jalapeños.

If you caved at the Christmas markets then it’s gonna be a struggle to get out of this place without trying one of their famous hot dogs. All their meat is smoked over hard woods for up to 14 hours and then cooked Asian-fusion style. The playfully named dogs include the ‘Dirty Harry’, a venison sausage topped with pulled pork, bacon jam, crispy shallot and cheese.

The Flying Duck
Served with salad and slaw, these ‘Dawgs’ are on the large side and should be eaten in a pair of loose fitting trousers. For something more adventurous try the ‘Mad Dawg’ with BBQ Jackfruit, chili, cheese, fried onions and jalapeños, or the ‘Big Dawg’ for a more traditional option.

As an entirely independent restaurant, bar and live music venue, Bloc is a popular spot for Glasgow’s hipster crowd (and hot dog lovers). Collectively termed ‘Boss Dogs’, diners can choose from the veggie ‘Not Dog’, the ‘Veganoid’ made from sweet potato, butternut squash and chickpeas or the ‘Doppelganger’; a Bratwurst sausage wrapped in bacon with beef chilli, pulled Irn Bru pork and cheese sauce.