Table Talk: Will McEvoy on TV-worthy tableware

Table Talk: Will McEvoy on TV-worthy tableware

The artist and sculpture talks about creating bespoke dishes and furniture for restaurants

For as long as I can remember, I've always made things and loved art. I also grew up living over the village pub run by my parents and it's for these reasons I probably feel so at home making artwork for bars, clubs and restaurants.

Most of my work from word-of-mouth, which is great as I know I must be doing something right. That's how I first met the chef Mark Greenaway – I was making a giant wooden stag head for a friend of his. Mark asked if I could design and make a platter for one of his dishes on the BBC's Great British Menu. He needed something understated but functional to properly frame his dish – the food has always got to be the star, after all. I continue to work with Mark at his new restaurants, even making furniture and sculptures for him.

I try always to meet at the bar or restaurant where a new piece is to be. It helps me get a feel for the venue and the client so I can better tailor the artwork. I still consider the tableware I make artworks. I take the same time to develop the concepts as my larger pieces. I get asked a lot what my medium is when I say I'm an artist, and the answer is that I use whatever best suits the project. I don't limit myself to one material or discipline. The key is understanding and tailoring ideas.

Will McEvoy is an artist and sculptor who creates tableware and artwork for restaurants. He works under the name iconicai