Table Talk: Rob Latimer on his journey from London to the West of Scotland via Noma

Image of Rob Latimer

The co-owner of Inver Restaurant talks about his background in animation and how he ended up running a restaurant in Argyll

My qualification in illustration and graphic art led me into a career in animation, which I pursued in London for a decade with a company called Studio AKA.

I loved living in London but I knew I couldn’t stay there forever. My partner Pam has been a chef for many years and hers was a world I became increasingly interested in. We talked for years about having a restaurant, then Pam got a job on the Isle of Iona as a head chef and I worked in front of house. We went on to work in restaurants like Noma and Fäviken in northern Sweden, before returning to Scotland.

We went up to Strathlachlan and saw Inver in spring 2015 and knew we had to go for it. My experience in Photoshop has helped with designing things like posters for the restaurant. We always try and do things that look decent – no Comic Sans. They key is not to try too hard, otherwise it looks contrived. That can be applied from table settings, to the way we display our specials. And, of course, what Pam comes up with in the kitchen is incredibly creative.

The restaurant has also had input by creative members of both our families. My sister, who is an interior designer specialising in restaurants, has just redesigned our bar area, and her husband, a joiner, built it. Pam’s dad is an architect and he has designed four bothies we plan to open as self-contained accommodation on a piece of land next to Inver.

Rob Latimer, along with Pam Brunton, co-owns Inver restaurant.

Inver Restaurant

Strathlachlan, Strachur, Argyll and Bute, PA27 8BU

Destination restaurant serving seasonal Scottish produce from à la carte, fixed, and lunch menu, as well as coffee and cake.