Guide to craft beer your dad will love this Father's Day

Craft beer your Dad will love this Father's Day

Get your dad something he will really enjoy, instead of the usual tie and socks combo... beer, of course

This Father’s Day get your dad something he will really enjoy. Instead of the usual tie and socks combo, why not broaden his horizons and let him indulge in some new flavours with a box a craft beer from Beer52

Buying gifts for Dad can be tricky and we all know that one of the best ways to treat your Dad this Father’s Day is to pop round and spend some quality time with him. So we thought, why not improve that by bringing beer? Or in this case sending him a box right to his door, no need to even carry them up the driveway.

Dads are creatures of habit, and sometimes a little stuck in their ways (although they might be loathed to admit it); always ordering the same beer down the pub, keeping it simple. It can be difficult to see how craft beer and dads go together but craft beer should not be leaving dads behind. After all it probably has a lot to thank them for, their drinking of beer over the decades has helped to bring about this beer revolution. But for many it is seen as a bit of a fad or something just for hipsters with top knots and moustaches. It's not, it's for everyone!

Craft beer has been around a lot longer than many people think and it is not going anywhere so like many things dads might not be comfortable with like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter (I think I can see a pattern emerging) craft beer is here to stay and it would be shame for them to miss out on the fun.

So here's Beer52’s quick guide to craft beer for dads:

IPAs and Pale Ales

The styles that have defined the craft beer revolution. This style really has been influenced by the States. Although IPAs originated in the UK, it is the US that has really shaped this style as we know it today. Packed full of hops, lasting bitterness, ranging from ultra light pales to high ABV double IPAs, these styles are perfect for any hophead.

Armadillo (Tempest). A 21st century session pale ale. Light and fruity from the hops this is an easy drinking pale. Orange citrus and big hop flavours mellow out to more tropical notes. A real showcase of North American hops.

Bleddyn (Celt Experience). A booming IPA with big fruity flavours alongside resinous pine. A true taste experience.

The great thing about these beers is there is so much variation, whether it is strength, the hops used, the malt bill or the yeast strain there is something out there for everyone. At Beer52, we like to push the boundaries so we decided to craft source a beer with our members and what we came up with was a true variation on the style.

Them & Us (Vocation & Beer52). A red Session IPA called Them & Us. It uses a load of Mosaic hops from West Coast USA but kept at a sessionable strength and given a wonderful ruby red colour from the malts. The sweetness from the malts balances perfectly with the tropical fruit flavours from the hops.

British Classics

Classic British beers are making a comeback in the craft beer world. Gone are the days where British beer is only associated with bland, murky, warm cask ale. British beers range from milds, bitters, golden ales, brown ales etc. Although to many they are seen as the perfect old man drink (maybe Dad should start with this one), done well they can be just as exciting as anything coming over from across the pond.

Over the Hill Mild (Hillside Brewery). Some might argue that this is more of a real ale than a craft beer (let’s not open that can of worms or we will be here all day) but to us it is simply a really great beer. Although a dark, it is still suitably refreshing with easy going flavours and a hint of smokiness. This is the perfect beer for any commercial lager convert.

Craft beer your Dad will love this Father's Day

Craft beer is proven to combat aging and overt 'dadness'

Stouts and Porters

Stouts and porters are dark beers made with roasted malts. In modern times, there is no real distinguishable feature between the two beers but historically stouts were the stronger of the two styles hence the name. There is a range of variation in the two styles including oatmeal stouts, milk stouts, imperial, russian imperial, baltic porters etc. with the most well known being the Irish dry stout made famous by Guinness.

Smokehouse Porter (Arundel). Perfect for any dark beer lover with hints of coffee, chocolate, and subtle beech smoke coming from the bespoke smoked malts used by the brewery.

American styles

American beer styles can mean many things to many people. To some it is the american adjunct lager like Miller, Budweiser or Coors/ In the craft beer world it would be the APA - the american pale ale. But there is so much more to American beer than commercial lager and extreme hop bombs. There is amber ales, cream ales, steam beers, wild beers, blonde ales, wheat ales and the list really does go on. There is so much choice in the American market that there is no need to stick to the commercial lagers.

Flatiron (Fourpure). Although brewed in London, this the perfect example of an american amber ale. It's a beautiful marriage of malts and hops. Elegantly balanced, notes of caramel, toffee and toasted grains which are complemented by a bright citrusy and tropical American hop flavour.


It's great that there are entry level craft beers out there to start anyone off on their journey but with so many beer out there you would be daft not to give some of the weird and wonderful a try. Sour beers really are for those who wish to push their perception of beer to the limit. These are beers which are intentionally sour, acidic or tart in flavour. Craft breweries are really making the most of these styles and bringing back some almost forgotten gems. Refreshing, light and lip-smackingly sharp perfect for sunny summer days.

Gose to Hollywood (To-Ol). Gose is characterised by its lemony tartness, herbal notes and saltiness. This is an easy drinking gose perfect for a sunny afternoon. Packed full of oranges giving it a burst of refreshing fruit flavours which then leads onto a biscuity salty finish.

So if like us you are determined to get your Dad to broaden his beery horizons and give him a real treat this Father’s Day then we have come up with the perfect solution. Beer52 will send your dad a selection of expertly chosen beers for all tastes to give him a flavour of what is out there. Inside your beer box there will be 8 beers representing a range of different beer styles from all over the world including the beers discussed above. Alongside the beers he will get a magazine giving all the information he needs to navigate the somewhat daunting world of craft beer.

There is nothing quite like sitting down with Dad and enjoying a beer so why not make it a great one and who knows maybe next time you visit his cans of mass produced commercial lager could be replaced by the best pale ales, IPAs, stouts etc. So it really is win-win!

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