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Don’t judge a beer by its colour

Don’t judge a beer by its colour

A guru’s guide to beer tasting

Kieran Hartley is Beer Guru for The New World Trading Company, including The Glasgow Trading House

The key to beer tasting is curiosity. It’s easy to order a style of beer you know you like, but you’re unlikely to ever discover anything new. We have over 80 world famous real beers and ales at The Glasgow Trading House so there’s plenty to be discovered.

Each beer you taste should hold a new experience – good or bad. It’s this experience that makes beer tasting enjoyable and allows you to remember your favourite beers.

Begin a journey of beer discovery with my following steps:

Marvel at the beer’s colour before you begin to taste. Don’t be afraid of cloudiness, for wheat beers this is normal and carries a lot of flavour. The same goes for dark beers such as stout, not all are rich and heavy; and not all pale ales are light!

Try short, quick sniffs to smell your beer otherwise you risk smelling the room around you. You may be able to smell bread, caramel or even coffee (which comes from the malted barley) and grapefruit, peach or pineapple (from the hops). Savour the aroma to later enhance the tasting experience.

The most important part! You may be able to taste the aromas and identify if the beer has a sweet or dry taste. For those that enjoy a fruitier taste try Passionate Blonde, an ale living up to its name with the taste of passion fruit, brewed exclusively for The New World Trading Company.

Continue your journey of beer discovery with an ale tasting session in our Ale Emporium at The Glasgow Trading House. Available to book online or call 0141 223 7010.

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