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  • 24 April 2008
Ian Brown

Ian Brown

Head chef at The Ubiquitous Chip, Glasgow

I can’t eat breakfast first thing in the morning. I’ll have a milky coffee when I get out of bed, then porridge with Maldon sea salt mid-morning. If I’m in the restaurant, I don’t normally have a sit-down lunch because I end up tasting dishes while I cook. But at home we like making big pots of fresh soup. My wife does a lovely tomato and lentil which I’ll have with bread and Scottish unsalted butter.

I snack on things like grapes in the afternoon – I love the way they taste straight out the fridge. I try to be good but I like to enjoy myself too. I have to put my hands up and admit to nicking the occasional bit of home-made shortbread in the restaurant.

Tea is normally one course followed by a yoghurt. We sit round the table and have something like lasagne or Thai curry. We’re trying to get our kids into cooking, and my 13-year-old son does pretty good meatballs in a tomato sauce. If we have folk round, I’ll do the whole three courses with appetiser and sweet meats as people expect it. For special occasions, I love a bottle of white burgundy, and for the morning after, my favourite hangover cure is having another drink. (interview by Claire Sawers)

Ubiquitous Chip

12 Ashton Lane, Glasgow, G12 8SJ

One of Glasgow’s dining institutions – a trailblazer in sourcing and creativity back in the day, and still one of the best venues for a special eating out experience.