Christmas Food Q&A: Paul Wedgwood – Wedgwood The Restaurant

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  • 17 November 2015
Christmas Food Q&A: Paul Wedgwood – Wedgwood The Restaurant

Wedgwood chef tells us about his favourite food for the festive season

I'm planning a Christmas meal and want to offer a couple of unusual twists. What would you suggest?

Make your canapés Christmas tree decorations - for example, confit duck bon bons wrapped in gold leaf.

It's Boxing Day and I've got half a turkey uneaten. Any recommendations for some legendary leftovers?

Shred the turkey and mix with the leftover stuffing, then roll in cling film to make a thin sausage. Remove the cling film, coat in leftover mash, roll to make a cylinder and cut to the size of a potato croquette. Breadcrumb, deep fry and serve with a puree made with the leftover vegetables.

Which dishes on your Christmas/December menu do you most like cooking? And which least?

A traditional Christmas roast on the 1st of December I love, though not so much on the 24th as I’ve served it so many times!

What do you reckon is the most undervalued ingredient in the seasonal/Christmas repertoire?

Jerusalem artichokes.

I fancy giving food items for presents at Christmas. Any suggestions?

Christmas chocolate brownies deconstructed. Give all the ingredients layered out in a kilner jar, with a little instruction booklet with step-by-step guide!

Which new kitchen gadget would you most like to find in your stocking? And which food item?

A PolyScience anti-griddle! (I’ll let you Google it!) and my mum’s Christmas pudding.

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