Four best coffees for Christmas

Five best coffees for Christmas

Papercup Coffee Company

The best brews to keep you awake post-turkey

The post-Christmas dinner lull is a real thing, friends. Once the turkey has been demolished and you've polished off the last morsel of figgy pudding, everyone knows there's nothing to do but nap. Unless, that is, there's coffee, and we're here to tell you that there should be. We asked Graeme Crawford over at Glasgow's Papercup Coffee Company to recommend some of the best blends and varieties to keep you perky over the festive season.

Papercup Ethiopian Christmas Blend
Papercup's motto is 'sustainable, ethical, unique', and their coffee follows suit. This blend features naturally processed Ethiopian beans, and according to Graeme, it 'tastes all cocoa and fruit – like a Christmas pudding in a cup'.

Whiskey Barrel Coffee
The makers of this brand say that, 'Whiskey Barrel Coffee exists because we were searching for a distinct and unique experience', and since Graeme recommends it for 'a boozy Christmas touch', we reckon that unique experience is pretty much nailed. The coffee is stored in whiskey coffee barrels, so your cuppa comes with a little extra kick.

​Right Side Coffee
According to Graeme, 'these coffee roasters from Spain know what they are doing sourcing great coffee and doing it justice'. They're Barcelona-based, and if you're after something a little sunshiney this Christmas, this is your best bet.

Cold brew coffee
No, we don't mean iced coffee. That's a summer thing. If you're the kind of maverick that likes cold beverages on cold winter nights, try this: it's cold-brewed coffee beans, steeped in cold water, then strained. Graeme says 'it's a perfect non alcoholic option at Christmas, served cold over ice with a slice of lime.'

Papercup Coffee Company, 603 Great Western Road, Glasgow,

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