All souped up

All souped up

Fraser Reid / credit: Dylan Drummond

Fraser Reid's soup bags promise encouraging hand to people who want to cook fresh

A presence on the emerging Perth Road food and drink scene for more than five years, Fraser’s Fruit and Veg has a new success story: soups.

Owner Fraser Reid’s soup bags, each containing the ingredients for a pot of imaginative soup, have proved so popular that the forwardthinking greengrocer has put pen to paper with a book celebrating his 52 favourite recipes. Titled Fraser’s Seasonal Soups, it is published by Dundee’s own illustrated cookbook specialists Kitchen Press.

Reid explains the ethos behind it: ‘I wanted to encourage people to cook with good, fresh produce, with a view that they might then go on and use those skills and ingredients to learn to make other things. The soup was really about showing people what they could do.’

Fraser's Fruit and Veg

300a Perth Road, Dundee, DD2 1AN

Fraser Reid is a green grocer with a mission to promote using fresh, local and interesting ingredients in cooking - his shop provides fresh fruit and vegetables as well as various deli products, and he sources as much as possible locally. He's also…