Dundee food futures

Dundee food futures

City's reputation as a centre for research extends into the realm of food and drink

The way we eat today, and just as importantly the way food is distributed, marketed and sold, sets an increasingly high value on understanding food in specific ways, from its detailed nutritional profile to its sectored consumer appeal. It’s an area that has seen over 150 small to medium sized businesses in Scotland approach Food Innovation @ Abertay (FIA), Abertay University’s food technology and innovation centre – for assistance with new product development, product reformulation and consumer research.

The Division of Food and Life Sciences at Abertay is already the largest recruiter of undergraduate students in food-related studies in the country, and their developing KE (Knowledge Exchange) programme allows students to gain practical experience working with food and drink
businesses while the companies benefit from contact with researchers, equipment and facilities.

In recent work, FIA have been developing sweet potato crisps with Glasgow-based Hectares, supporting the development of a new range of healthier sausages for Kippen’s Extraordinary Sausage Company, addressing the challenges of drying seaweed with Fife-based Mara Seaweed, using eye-tracking technology to test consumer reaction to labelling for a new vodka brand, and helping Dundee Cake apply for PGI status.

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