Dundee food districts: around and about Dundee

Dundee food districts: around and about Dundee

A taste delight from KitschnBake / credit: Zoe Barrie, photosbyzoe

Capturing the flavour of the city’s tastier quarters

The Tay bridges are striking features of Dundee’s cityscape, and the view is a compelling reason to eat at Bridgeview Station, set in the former Magdalen Green railway station a little to the west of the city centre. Crossing the Tay over to Fife, the View in Wormit is perched on the banks of the estuary, its small sun deck a great spot for lunch or dinner while enjoying the panoramas across the river back towards Dundee.

Just down the road, KitschnBake in Newport started as a cakes-from-home business and has grown into a retro café serving a ‘scone of the day’ and cakes made with organic, fairtrade and locally sourced ingredients.

From here, there’s plenty to find deeper into Fife, from farm shops and new whisky distilleries to apple orchards and berry farms. Dundee’s neighbouring regions Angus and Perthshire, as well as Fife, are the epicentre for berry-growing in the UK, particularly around the town of Blairgowrie, and best encountered in roadside stalls and farm shops during summer.

Plenty other local food and drink makes its way onto Dundee menus. The Aberdeen Angus breed of cattle was founded from the black Angus cattle of Keillor Farm near Dundee, while game including venison, grouse and pheasant are sourced from the Angus glens or the estates of Highland Perthshire. The country’s most prominent supplier of wild venison, Highland Game, has its main processing operation and headquarters in Dundee.

Food and drink-oriented exploring into Angus might also mean encounters with the famous smokies (traditional wood-smoked haddock) of Arbroath, the jams and marmalades that were once associated with Dundee city but are now found more commonly out of the city, local honey operations that have a close relationship with the berry crops the bees help polinate each year, Scotland’s best-known asparagus growers at Glamis, and large fields of potatoes in the Strathmore area. In keeping with the spirit of innovation and enterprise that’s common in these parts, the same fields of tatties are now being utilised in a couple of start-up vodka distilling operations.

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