Dundee food districts: City Centre

Dundee food districts: City Centre

Heart Space Whole Foods

Capturing the flavour of the city’s tastier quarters

Dundee’s good food renaissance starts right in the heart of the city centre. It wasn’t so long ago that you’d have to hunt hard for good food options in the downtown area, but in the last few years it has felt as if each new opening has served to encourage another, pushing standards upwards all the time.

It’s on and around Exchange Street that’s now recognised as the epicentre of Dundee’s good food vibe. Alongside specialist shops The Cheesery and Heart Space Whole Foods are quirky cafés and modern Scottish restaurant Castlehill, where you might find chicken served with marmalade, carrot and charred lettuce.

With its clean, modern interior and appealing outdoor dining space, the Italian Grill brings some glamour to City Square, the urban plaza adjacent to the imposing Caird Hall. Alongside, the welcoming Henry’s Coffee House occupies the left-hand side of City Square and is ideal for a quick lunch.

Further up towards the McManus Galleries and the High School, the arrival of Europe’s first Project Pie on Reform Street brings together canteen-style seating, enthusiastic staff and a chance to construct your own pizza in a smart, popular venue.

As the waterfront project continues to transform the city centre, the Malmaison hotel with its sophisticated brasserie has a prominent position at the end of Whitehall Crescent. The appealing mix of old and new is borne out by its nearby neighbours, which range from the retro Palais Tea Room to the rough and ready friendliness of True Kitchen, the sophistication of The Wine Press wine bar to the exotic thrill of Japanese newcomer Kobee.