Grewar’s fruit and veg vending

Grewar’s fruit and veg vending

l-r: Pete Grewar and Euan Grewar

A shopping centre in Dundee is home to Scotland’s first fruit and vegetable vending operation

It’s a farm-gate honesty box with a twist. From the family farm near Meigle in East Perthshire, cousins Euan and Peter Grewar have helped Dundee lead the field in exploring new ways for shoppers to connect with the food grown on their doorstep. Scotland’s first modern vending machine selling seasonal fruit and veg has been installed right in the heart of the city within the Overgate shopping centre, and they have two more at farms around Dundee, with plans for more in the pipeline.

‘We were all about wholesale,’ explains Peter Grewar, ‘but people would still come to the farm asking for potatoes and the like, so we wondered how we could do direct sales in an interesting way. That’s when we thought about a spin on the honesty box, and tried out the vending machines.’

Each machine is filled every morning with packs of potatoes, boxes of free-range eggs and mixed boxes of veg, and Grewar believes people enjoy the roundthe-clock appeal of it, as well as knowing that everything is fresh and properly local.