Of cakes and bakes

Of cakes and bakes

Clark's Bakery

Introducing some of the family baking firms based in Dundee

Dundee has a rich seam of family bakers with branches across the city and surrounding area. Goodfellow & Steven, established in 1897 in Broughty Ferry, makes a speciality of celebration cakes, while Fisher & Donaldson is a classy craft bakery with headquarters just over the Tay in Fife. Their specialities include fudge doughnuts and little sponge cakes wrapped in a ‘bandage’ of greaseproof paper known as ‘Sair Heids’ (sore heads).

Jonathan Clark, who runs the family business Clark’s Bakery with his father Alan, believes people want local, family-run businesses to do well in Dundee, and in what they produce. ‘There’s a sense that getting not just experience and familiarity, also really good, locally sourced food. It’s about looking at what went before, but equally, we try hard to always be thinking ahead.’

A Fisher & Donaldson
300 Perth Road, Dundee, DD2 1AN
Retail/café branch of the much-loved traditional bakery and chocolatiers, supplied by the Ceres Road factory in Cupar.
B Clark's Bakery
Annfield Row, Dundee, DD1 5JH
Clark’s 24-hour bakery has been running since 1950. A family-run business making a traditional range of cakes, bread and treats, the always-open Annfield Row site attracts a loyal following of students, taxi drivers and weary travellers. As well as…
C Goodfellow & Steven
83 Gray Street, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, DD5 2BP
One of the country's longest-established bakeries, Goodfellow & Steven has expanded from this original site in Broughty Ferry to shops throughout Scotland, including four in Dundee. From its bags of bridge rolls to elegantly packaged sweets such as…