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Tina Warren

Tina Warren

Co-owner and star of Club Noir burlesque club night

As a burlesque performer, I’d love to say I eat men for breakfast, but that wouldn’t be strictly true. I’m pretty healthy, and I’ve been vegan for 17 years. Breakfast is herbal tea, and fruit or vegetable juice that I make up in the juicer.

At lunch I go out with my friend and business partner, Ian Single, often to Stereo in Glasgow, where I’m working my way through the entire vegan menu. I love their Greek salads and cheesecakes. I have my one coffee of the day too – I can’t handle any more than that.

I’m not very rock’n’roll when it comes to snacking, normally fruit, nuts or soya chocolate pudding or yoghurt. But I’ve been having fun lately as I was a bit thin and needed to put on some weight. So I’ve been eating lots of crisps and Starbursts. I don’t savour them, I devour a packet in a minute.

For dinner I love cooking Italian food and salads, or Japanese if I eat out. If I have friends round, a glass of wine turns into a bottle of champagne then rounds of whisky. In bars, I love making the barman get the stepladder out to try some dusty bottle no one’s touched for years.

Backstage, a new intimate club from the creators of Club Noir, is on at The Winchester Club, Glasgow, Sat 5 Apr. Club Noir is also running a burlesque workshop at Gather, Glasgow, on Sun 6 Apr.

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